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Yoga for Fertility Success

Yoga may help achieve pregnancy through specific asanas and reducing stress, says Fiona Kacz-Boulton

If you have been trying to conceive for over a year, more than likely your doctor has suggested it is time to consider some sort of medically assisted fertility. But did you know there are many natural fertility methods that can not only help you achieve your dream of parenthood but also improve your chances of IVF/IUI success.

Did you know that the hustle and bustle of a stress-filled life directly affects your emotional wellbeing and endocrine system (which governs hormones)? In turn this is what creates sub-fertility issues. Therefore anything that helps you detoxify and destress also helps restore fertility – but some natural fertility treatments work faster than others.

So, if you want to achieve faster fertility success why don’t you try switching from normal yoga classes to fertility yoga classes?

The top 5 reasons why fertility yoga can be beneficial when trying to conceive:

1. Reduces stress and boosts immunity

By incorporating asanas (postures) that stimulate the central nervous system (CNS) you will not only improve sleep and immunity, you will also feel peace of mind and tranquility because they’ll help your body to relax and your mind to slow down. The nervous system, which is aided by the breath, helps lower stress hormones such as cortisol


Increases blood flow to the sacral band

Fertility issues arise when there is lack of ‘qi’ or ‘prana’ (life force energy) in the sacral band. If the qi is stagnant or blocked it means blood cannot effectively flow to this sacred area that governs the digestive system and reproductive system.

3. Improves ovarian function

Practising certain fertility yoga poses such as specific inversions will increase blood circulation to the pelvis and near the ovaries. When you invert your body in yoga, it increases blood flow to the reproductive organs, which means increased oxygenated blood, qi and nutrients can flow to the reproductive organs whilst putting the body into healing mode.

4. Lessens side effects of assisted fertility hormonal treatments

One of the most therapeutic aspects of any yoga class is meditation. When doing fertility yoga you enjoy specific hand gestures that stimulate blood flow to the reproductive system whilst rebalancing the body and mind. The mind has a map of the body and if you meditate in such a way you can change the map in the mind and in doing so change your physiology.

5. Increases IVF success rates

In yoga, you control chronic stress by eliciting a relaxation response in your body, counteracting harmful stress hormones. Studies show that fertility yoga and meditation can significantly increase conception rates in women because it helps the body to relax and allow transplantation to take place.

It’s important to note that living a fertile lifestyle is also going to help you achieve faster fertility success, will help you regain control of your fertility journey and will help your mind and body successfully prepare for pregnancy and parenthood. Starting with fertility yoga can help motivate you to feel good about living your fertile lifestyle.

Living a fertile lifestyle

Yoga off the mat is just as powerful as yoga on the mat.

Living yoga off the mat in a way that enhances fertility includes reducing toxic exposure:

Tap water contains over 200 chemicals, toxins and heavy metals. Xenoestrogens in tap water may reduce fertility success, so switch to spring water or at least reverse osmosis filtered

Beauty products contain thousands of toxic chemicals and what goes on the skin goes straight in to the body and builds toxicity in the liver, which, in turn, impacts our hormones. Switch to natural beauty products that are not only beneficial to your body but also the environment

Cleaning products are often highly toxic and leave a toxic residue throughout your home. Using vinegar and bicarbonate soda is better for you, the environment and your wallet

Unhealthy relationships can often be the source of high levels of stress. Doing a relationship inventory and noticing those people who leave you feeling uplifted and supported, and those people who deplete you is essential. Then start spending less time with energy vampires and more time with people who enhance your life

If you’re on your fertility journey, try incorporating just one new thing each week to improve your fertility success. Great change comes about from consistent and persistent small changes.

Fiona will be in Australia throughout September 2015.

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Fiona Kacz-Boulton

Fiona Kacz-Boulton is a yoga teacher and author specialising in resolving fertility issues