04.02.2021 Astrology

Strong movements

Daniel Sowelu sees strong forces this month to align with our deeper primal layers

In the aftermath of two powerful eclipses in January, the astrological climate remains intense but as with the first eclipse, there is also a great deal of forward movement, traction and inherent grace.

In this month’s chart there are a number of very powerful conjunctions involving some of the deeper primal layers of ourselves.

They operate in ways that allow us to more closely align with these rich, empowering and transformative forces within.

The Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, representing the upper echelons of our conscious intellects, conjunct a tight combination of Shiva and the Black Moon, reaching into the higher expressions of the sacred masculine, while diving into the primal depth of the Great Mother. Since the Black Moon is the closest astrological representative of the Indian goddess Durga, the latter conjunction is the most potent transformative and spiritually awakening expression of the sacred within each of us.

The gift of the above is about getting greater conscious access to the sacred knowledge of this Shiva- Shakti union, an accessibility greatly enhanced by multiple sextiles to the expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius.

This simultaneous deepening and expansion of our conscious minds makes this an exceptional time for learning and study, particularly in areas that help us understand our spiritual and psychological depths.

This can also support us to get our conscious will in sync with the deeper intelligence of the self, something we will need to handle some of the great challenges and opportunities of the month. For instance, in the course of the month, the Sun/Mercury/Shiva/Black Moon conjunction sextiles a fiery conjunction of Mars and the Kali asteroid in Aries.

This is a brilliant alignment with sacred warrior energies that, in the right circumstances, can allow us to surge ahead in our quests to heal, transform and express our authentic selves creatively in the world.

There are multiple challenges as well with the Mars Kali conjunction, not least the question of how much ancient rage we might be carrying from various sources within ourselves.

Kali has a way of activating stashed rage for release and if this energy becomes entangled with our personal expressions of will and desire, represented by the warrior God Mars, it can become volatile and inflammatory, potentially erupting destructively in our world.

This is one of a number of line-ups that point towards the necessity of working with our issues in this territory. Firstly, Mars and Kali will catch up with Uranus in Aries, an increasingly explosive situation peaking on the 14 and the 22 respectively. (This can also make way for some spectacular spiritual awakenings or tantric openings at the same time!)

Secondly, while the Mars Kali receives great aspects from Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon’s conjunctions, the two are squared by Pluto in Capricorn, aided and abetted by Saturn not far away. Hard Mars/Pluto combinations are known for creating intense power struggles, while Saturn represents various frustrating influences that can set up a pressure cooker effect thus exaggerating any explosive possibilities.

So, while we have some fiery brilliance for getting things done, pursuing our visions and sharpening our effectiveness, it will also be important to release the pressure valves on these hard aspects. Useful techniques include any form of emotional release work, including primal, breath work, ecstatic dance and the Osho active meditations that include Kundalini and Chakra Breathe.

It is helpful that we start the month with the Moon in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, an emotionally generous and gregarious energy that is greatly enhanced by the presence of Jupiter on one side and the loving Venus on the other.

Whatever challenges we might face this month, there is also a great deal of love and grace available.

However, the Moon and Venus are in a very tight conjunction with the underworld queen Persephone and the fierce warrioress Medusa. We have here another line-up that simultaneously represents great psychospiritual power being available yet carries heightened levels of stress when powerful unresolved issues come close to the surface.

Clearly, this is not a month for sitting on our energies, whatever they might be!

The revolutionary wizard Uranus, who has been dancing around the cusp of Aries and Taurus this last year, goes fully into the sign of the Bull this month, his urge towards radical and liberating change stirring there for the next seven years. Taurus will often habitually resist change that is out of its control, being so fond of its comfort zones. So this will initially create a fair degree of stress in the house(s) that the Bull inhabits, at least until he/we learn to let go and trust the revitalising aspects of change.

Simultaneously, the Wounded Healer Chiron has been crossing back and forward over the border of Pisces and Aries and this month he too goes fully into the next sign of the Ram for eight years. This marks the end of his journey through Pisces which started in 2011, during which time he has focused his healing power on the incredibly, exquisitely and excruciatingly sensitive parts of ourselves, so that we can reclaim more of the magical, mystical child within each of us.

In galloping into Aries, along with the healing goddess Hygeia, he now puts his focus on healing our fire energy and its associated passion, independence, courage and pioneering spirit. If you have been feeling like your healing processes have been mired in the inner swamps these last years, know that drier land and greater freedom of movement is coming!

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.