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Stay Safe with Microwave Radiation

The downside of modern communications is the amped-up level of microwave radiation. But, suggests Benjamin Nowland, we can still use our devices and stay safe

I use the term “radiation pollution sickness”. Medical authorities use the term “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” or “EHS” which is suggestive of a deficit in the individual. Three letter acronyms typically lead to pharmaceutical solutions. Keep an eye open for an EHS drug which you may be prescribed for the rest of your life.

‘Actually doctor I am fine. The deficit is with the environment.’ Microwave radiation levels thousands and even hundreds of thousands of times higher than background nature (and levels 25 years ago) are now the norm. Towers are popping up like hardwood trees in a rainforest. We are addicted to our devices. Telcos respond by eradicating radiation “quiet zones” or “black spots” in rural areas. They turn up the “volume” of their antenna towers to deliver higher download speeds and therefore increased microwave radiation pollution.

Keep an eye open for an EHS drug which you may be prescribed for the rest of your life.

The flipside of the communication benefits of a microwaved world are biological effects including genotoxicity (DNA damage). Are you experiencing headaches, anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, heart palpitations or depression? Microwave radiation exposure is linked to all of these and more. At this moment ask yourself how far from your body-mind are the nearest microwave emissions (mobile device, WiFi, telco/NBN antenna)?


DR RADIATION or DR RAD is a mnemonic for electromagnetic radiation pollution sickness first aid steps. In the same way there has to be a cut or broken limb before first aid is required, there has to be a “why” for radiation detoxing. With a solid “why” you will take immediate action.

I was once a heavy device user as were many friends and colleagues.

After attending one of my short talks or reading my new book these same friends are now as mobile-device-unreachable as I am!

After receiving insights their “why” was strong enough to ensure massive action.

Due to the multitude of causative factors a holistic approach is optimal. The focus is on external rewiring and exposure reduction along with internal transformation. The first three first aid steps are Detoxify, Recuperate and Re-integrate.


Ask yourself these questions:

Am I exposed to WiFi emissions at home?

Why not hardwire my internet connection?

Could I hardwire at work?

How can I reduce my mobile device use?

When my mobile phone is switched on is Data Mode disabled to reduce emissions?

Do I utilise the speaker function?

Do I switch off devices whilst in my vehicle?

Could our household switch off from 8pm through to 8am?

Could I Skype rather than fly cross-country for work?

Where are the nearest microwave towers to my home? Are they within 500m? Is shielding or relocation a consideration?

Is my bedroom a Zero EMF Sanctuary (radiation “quiet zone” or low level)?

A heavy metal detox and candida cleanse may be beneficial. In Ayurveda, candida can be linked to a blocked third chakra (solar plexus and kidneys). Heavy metals inside our bodies are radiation-attracting as is jewellery worn around the neck. A necklace is proximal to the sensitive thyroid gland and thymus.

Underwire bras can go. Reports of cut-off lymph drainage and acupuncture point overstimulation of energy channels add to the fact they are antennas.

Do I have amalgam fillings? Replace them. Could my metal alloy prosthetic be bioengineered using a polymer? A liver and gall bladder cleanse is recommended due to the importance of these organs in detoxification. Are you journalling/correlating your observations? Until you understand this better could you leave the city for a period or might you get away for Zero EMF camping on occasional weekends?


You might think you have lost your freedom. If you are experiencing severe or extreme symptoms you may have become a radiation refugee and left your workplace and city. Anger and frustration, shadow emotions of your psyche, may be coming to the surface. They arise for dissolution. Ask yourself:

What am I guided to process? How can I make the most of this opportunity to go inward? Will I allow myself time out and retreat? What are my glands and organs telling me? Is it time to let go of trauma, attachment, expectation, limiting beliefs, guilt, shame, judgement and grudges? Various healing modalities can assist.


After a time out self healing you may feel lighter. There may also be trepidation at again being exposed to psychic, electromagnetic and environmental (chemical) pollution in your workplace, home and city. The symptoms of over exposure, including anxiety, insomnia, headaches and depression, have entered your life in order for you to make a shift.

When layers are released during the healing journey it is important to refill the spaces with your own energy. Be gentle. When we are vibrating at a high level at a retreat it can be a shock to our system to re-enter the world of emails, bills and daily work. After stepping back into society after a retreat we are vulnerable to “going off the rails” and into contracted energy. These steps may help you re-integrate:

Raise your vibrations by doing activities you love to do. What makes you feel good in a sustainable, fulfilling way?

Sports, loving relationships, yoga, working on your mission and being in nature move your energy and increase your radiance and glow.

Enhance your body-mind awareness. Release enough layers that your light shines. Consciously fill gaps or stagnant areas in your energy field with raised frequency light energy. I talk more on this in workshops. Start by breathing in white light and breathing out darkness, heaviness and stagnation.

If you are reading this it is likely you are a sensitive healer. Those of us who can feel drained by the energies of others are more likely to be affected by electromagnetic radiation pollution. There can be trepidation to be around these energies once again.

This is a simple yogic technique to activate your third chakra: place one or both hands on your solar plexus. Bring attention to the area and take three slow breaths. Whenever you feel under assault from psychic, electromagnetic or environmental pollution this is a go-to tool. This tool is about expanding your own energy from the powerful energy centre of the solar plexus.

With an activated third chakra you are able to discern the energies entering your energy field and then it is up to you to decide, “Do I want to take on these energies or do I now decide to radiate my own energies?” Reinforce your decision: “I now decide to radiate my own energies” and see/feel the light in your hara area expand.

The learning around electromagnetic radiation and health has opened new opportunities. What calls? You may be enthusiastic to share your knowledge and new skills with others to help them on their journey. Are there others who could benefit from DR RAD first aid? Will you organise to hear the latest insights via a talk on the subject at your child’s school?

Ask your local council where your current towers are and to see development applications for future towers.

After experiencing illness and recovery you will likely tend toward the healing path. Speak your truth. Be a pioneer and ask people to switch off their phone (expect the occasional backlash). Treat a mobile phone as a lit cigarette. Would you allow someone to passive smoke in front of a two-year old? Have a mobile free dinner party.

We can still use our devices (entirely effectively) and it would be a healthier Australia if we reduced exposure limits by 100 times. Ask your local council where your current towers are and to see development applications for future towers. If something bothers you say “No”. You are part of the shift to a transformed society where “health” is once again a priority value.

Benjamin Nowland

Benjamin Nowland is the author of Playing GOD – Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation