01.04.2021 Astrology

Seize the day

Make the most of the healing opportunities that come your way this month, urges Daniel Sowelu

One would think that now the Sun is in Aries, the going should be better, especially considering that March was such a swampy month. Everything was in great psychic flux and with many people experiencing a strange psychic weariness!

Fortunately, and unfortunately, there remains a lot of action in Pisces, offering great openings on the inner worlds but nonetheless inhibiting us from gaining greater traction to get on in the world. And the Neptune factor is still significant with the planet of the mind, Mercury, exactly conjunct this planet of nebulous mysticism.

We can initially expect periods of vague, woolly thinking, right brain movements, fabulous spiritual and creative possibilities, and opportunities to refine our perceptions and communications.

There will be a degree of sloppiness about this but at least Mercury is no longer in retrograde motion!

The spiritual dimension of this is also greatly enhanced by the presence of the Shiva asteroid, conjunct in both Mercury and Neptune. Shiva supports powerful mystical processes and techniques, while driving his trident into the earth, assisting us to connect with the deep stillness at the centre of our being even when the surface layers are in great flux.

As for the Aries Sun, he is rather isolated initially. His only companions are the two great healers Chiron and Hygeia hovering at each end of the sign and activating processes that seek to heal our connections to his passionate and independent fire energy.

The Sun does, however, have two gentle sextiles to the goddess asteroids Psyche and Parvati, in Aquarius and Gemini respectively, two aspects of the feminine that draw us towards higher quality relationships. The randy eroticism and desire of the Ram gets elevated here into greater subtlety and longing for more than just “average” connection.

Speaking of love bonds, Venus is travelling through Pisces, where we can enjoy the lusciousness that comes when we connect our hearts with both sensuality and spirituality.

She does, however, have a hard square to her traditional lover Mars in Gemini, which can generate some conflict in relationship. This is a particular risk when one partner is significantly hotter than the other, or where the timing or quality of intimacy doesn’t work for both people.

Nevertheless, Venus joins with Neptune on the 10, when our ability to fully surrender to love is greatly heightened, and then catches up with Shiva the following week for some significantly tantric possibilities. He is travelling in sync via a sextile with his partner Kali in Taurus, one expression of the sacred marriage, so that when he is joined by Venus, this goddess of love also connects well to Kali. This can become a very juicy threesome!

More seriously though, the Pluto/South Node conjunction that I’ve been describing during these last months is exact at the beginning of the month. This is a very powerful karmic intensification; the old god of death, rebirth and transformation is dredging through our past life histories, to clear ancient wounds and debris, while mining for rich veins of knowledge and power from similar sources.

As if this isn’t intense enough, the tough love teacher Saturn is now only 3° away and, this trio has been joined by the fierce Medusa. For those available to this level of experience, this can illuminate ancient memories and trauma around the destruction of the goddess traditions by overwhelming patriarchal invasions.

Whether this legacy is from collective, generational or personal past life sources, this perfect storm of karma-breaking energies magnifies our efforts to purify, release and heal ancient trauma and rage.

The ensuing liberation allows us to express purified psychospiritual potency in our personal lives and in our communities.

This also supports the internal transformation from the embittered and distorted sacred feminine into potent and profoundly loving sacred warrioress for truth, justice and relationship equality. (It’s been my sense for a long time that the astrological awakenings around Medusa, Lilith and Pallas Athena have been the core drivers and timekeepers behind the #MeToo phenomenon and other similar but less publicised movements.)

From a healing and purification point of view, this is also a truly great month.

The healing goddess Hygeia, currently in Aries and who specialises in the transmutation of the deepest toxins, is in great alignment with the Black Moon in Aquarius, an expression of the Great Mother who specialises in a form of psychic chemotherapy!

Both these goddesses are in brilliant relationship with the benevolent Jupiter, now stationary at 24° in Sagittarius. This combination of grace, healing and transformative power will colour all of the month. So, irrespective of whatever dark places may arise within each of us, know that the grace is there to do some extraordinarily deep and liberating healing.

The same applies to any relationship challenges we might be having. Juno, the traditional goddess of committed relationships, also receives brilliant lines of energy from the very same Hygeia/Black Moon/Jupiter arrangement.

So, I encourage you to make the most of the healing opportunities of this month. While we will be presented with ancient influences, good and bad, that have determined some of our core purposes for being in this life at this time, we also have awesome access to power and grace in support of that healing.

Go well!

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.