01.01.2021 Yoga

New Beginnings

Journaling is a proven way to realise your dreams as we enter the New Year, says Jen Kaz

Celebrations are happening all over the world as fireworks light up the sky, people hug and kiss and crowds cheer welcoming in the New Year.

This is a time for celebrating the new and honouring what’s passed.

It’s also an ideal time to remember what’s important and commit to what is real and true for you.

To know what is real and true for you one way is by writing down on a fresh piece of paper, “What a new beginning means to me ………”. Journaling opens many possibilities and as you repeat the sentence write down any responses that come up for you.It doesn’t matter how silly it may seem, just write down the very first thought that comes to you.

Some of the highlights could be:

Looking after my health

Donating to a charity

Volunteering time

Attending regular yoga classes.

Learning meditation

Taking time out for self

Connecting with neighbours

Listening more than talking

Communicating with family and friends

Signing up for stress management retreats

If you are experiencing a mental block, try sitting at your desk with a pen in your writing hand and resting your forehead in the palm of your other hand. This encourages blood to flow to your frontal lobes enabling you to overcome stress and pressure by stimulating blood flow to the creative zones of your brain. This will help your ideas flow even easier, especially when combined with deep breathing.

You always get what you create, and you are always creating.

Remember, though, that the words I AM are extremely powerful.In fact, they’re the most powerful words in the universe.

The universe knows no other request!

We can draw to ourselves whatever it is we desire.

Your life is a result of your thoughts. Have you heard of Mind Mastery? It has been said that if you master your mind in the form of thoughts, feelings and emotions, then you master your life. I teach this in my QiYoga classes and retreats in the form of chi gung.

The New Year brings with it opportunities to discover a new purpose or direction, make progress with a current project or create a new one or new interest. Release all rigid thinking and ‘let go’ of worrying about others, as this will make it easier to progress onto something new and exciting for you.

Taking care of yourself is the number one priority.

Everyone else’s business is not your business. Each person is an individual with his or her own thoughts, aspirations, ideas and it’s not for anyone to advise otherwise.

The physical comfort of members of your family is not a concern to you as you are not responsible for any other human soul. While it’s commendable to wish every soul to live in comfort, each soul must choose their own destiny, no matter how abusive it may be to their self.

Clearly, it is inappropriate to neglect the needs of those you have caused to be dependent on you. Instead, it is your responsibility to teach them to become independent and to get along without you.

See yourself as the perfect individual that you are and not be concerned with how other people may perceive you.

We all experience doubts from time to time about what we feel appropriate to say, or how to behave or act. But be confident with your choices because this is you, and if you always come from a loving, caring and aware space I feel certain you’ll be respected for who you are.

Decide your desires

Starting with a blank piece of paper write down what it is you would like.Perhaps a different home in another suburb, or maybe more money, improved health, travel or maybe employment opportunities, to name only a few.

Remember the “I AM” …..

Move forward

This is the beginning of a new year and no matter how good or how bad your previous year or years have been, move forward. Learn from all your experiences and use both positive and negative occurrences as you leave the past behind. There may be times when you’re frustrated because your current circumstances do not live up to your expectations.

Remain focused on your goal

Get yourself an accountability buddy! That will help. Did you know that chi gung (energy cultivation) offers Mind Mastery and goal focusing exercise movements that help you achieve your goal? I recommend the YouTube channel QiYoga4London –www.youtube/QiYoga4London for transformational goal setting techniques utilizing QiYoga, chi gung, yoga, meditation and manifestation. Enjoy experimenting!

You already have within you all the tools necessary to move forward. Think only of what it is your heart desires. Get out a pen and paper and write your list – listen to your inner prompting for the responses that feel most meaningful and true to you.

Jen Kaz

Jen Kaz trained and taught yoga in London in 2008. In early 2010 she returned to Perth and began teaching QiYoga. www.qiyoga.org