08.01.2021 Astrology

Momentous New Year

Daniel Sowelu sees great promise for 2019

This is looking like being a monumental year, kicking off with a solar eclipse on January 6 that intensifies a powerful conjunction of the Sun, Saturn and Pluto clustering together in mid Capricorn.

Although the latter heavyweights aren’t technically conjunct themselves, the eclipsing Sun and Moon sit on the midpoint between them and so initiate a dance that will profoundly influence the next two years.

A solar eclipse is a new moon event with all the symbolism that that entails – a new beginning that influences the next several months.

Sun and Moon conjuncting Saturn and Pluto drives and inspires a potential for all of us to claim more of our own wisdom, authority and transformative power to be birthed anew in the world. However, because of the depth of both powers, it takes a lot of maturity, commitment to integrity and psychospiritual purification to be able to harness these energies well.

For those who have done necessary preparation, this can be an absolutely awesome year to claim the fruits of many years of hard work and to manifest them powerfully in the physical world. For those of you who aren’t or don’t feel ready the news is still good as the very same combination can give you the self-discipline, resilience and tenacity to dive ever deeply into the shadows and the treasures at the core of self.

To claim the wisdom and authority of a healthy Saturn, we need to dismantle the restrictive structures imposed on us by patriarchal conditioning.

This means taking a tough love approach to our perceived weaknesses, while mining veins of wisdom and knowledge gathered over lifetimes by the earthy masculine within. He will help us with that!

With Pluto, the work is even deeper, requiring a great deal of lower chakra purification, the deconstruction of our fear-based control dynamics and surrendering to the primal power of the death and rebirth cycle embedded in each of us. Whether we’ve done a lot or a little around this territory, this year we will have many opportunities to dig deeper, while opening to our capacity to transform ourselves and then take that capacity out into the world.

Obviously, these are serious and often daunting tasks but there is also a tremendous amount of grace and support, some of it obvious and some of it more hidden. The first eclipse conjunction receives sextiles from Neptune in Pisces, adding sensitivity, subtlety and psychospiritual gifts to the ways in which this powerhouse in Capricorn can be expressed in the world.

The healing possibilities of the year are similarly heightened, with Chiron the Wounded Healer and Hygeia, the kundalini goddess of healing, entwining in late Pisces and about to enter Aries.

These two healers conjunct the warrior planets Mars, placing a strong and loving emphasis on healing this form of the masculine. He also represents our capacity to express our needs, protect our boundaries, manifest our desires and act decisively in the world.

Jupiter, now fully in Sagittarius, continues to contribute his grace to the reclamation of the deep sacred feminine for the duration of the year, through a series of positive contacts with the so-called “dark goddesses”. Conjuncting Medusa and Persephone, he sends out a trine to the fierce Kali in Aries, while sextiling the Black Moon in Aquarius.

Each of these goddesses has her own version of transformative power, sacred gifts and spiritual knowledge but our connections to them are often contaminated by historical, ancestral and cultural influences that have distorted their Shakti. Having prolonged and positive contacts with a benevolent and expansive form of the masculine is incredibly healing and, as we experienced in the recent Sydney workshop, the situation generates a tremendous amount of grace and power combining to heal ancient rifts between the masculine and feminine.

Given how these rifts are still playing out in Australian and US politics, and that the eclipsing conjunction in Capricorn forms hard aspects to Kali in Aries and a conjunction of Lilith and Pallas Athena in Libra, we are going to need the support of grace and expanded consciousness that Jupiter offers. For unenlightened leaders, Saturn squaring Kali and Pluto squaring Lilith can simply degenerate into perpetuating these ancient conflict lines.

In terms of personal relationship evolution, I am glad to report that the signs are generally good!

Venus starts the year with the earth mother Ceres/Demeter in the sign of Scorpio, a luscious, fertile combination of love, creativity and abundance. These two receive sextiles from Pluto and brilliantly healing trines to the Mars/Chiron/Hygeia conjunction in Pisces.

The conjunction of Juno and Parvati that coloured the latter months of 2018 is also embedded in the 2019 chart. This union of the traditional goddess of marriage and the ultimate tantric partner of Shiva ensures that the journey towards the sacred marriage within and without is another major theme for the year.

The core eclipsing conjunction in Capricorn forms powerful and positive aspects to these goddesses, reflecting another quantum leap in the evolution, healing and transformation in the masculine and feminine balances within us and in our outer relationship lives.

May we all be able to move well with the tremendous momentum that this year will generate in each of us!

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.