30.01.2021 Consciousness

Healer for All

As the Age of Aquarius progresses, we will recognise the Christ as the expression of universal love, says Robert Gresak

The British statesman, author and founding father of the new age movement, Sir George Trevelyan (1838-1928) had this to say:-

“Consider this extraordinary and powerful thought, that time and space will not be fulfilled until human consciousness has expanded into ethereal space. No wonder that the heaven worlds are watching planet Earth with such intense interest, for it is the training ground of the divine archetype and mankind has, despite the outer chaos, reached the tremendous threshold where he can take the refining step into fully awakened spiritual consciousness, not merely for his own redemption but for the fulfillment of the higher planes of life since they are entwined.

“This planet is a precious seed point from which a transformed mankind can issue forth attributes of almighty God and, through this, through his own initiative, lift his vibration to merge with the ocean of life.

“This is the great step in evolution where he, by conscious choice of inner soul activity, opens himself to the all present spirit of the cosmos. Actually, every time a human soul achieves this a step has been taken in planetary transformation and redemption and by the Divine provision; our human initiative is essential, since no takeover is allowed that militates against human freedom.

“Men are apprentice Gods and have the task fulfilling the divine plan. Men need now to grasp this great task not for human survival, but in order to take a glorious step into the light, to ally themselves with the higher vibrations of cosmic love.”

Accordingly, it is only right that all this should manifest now, in the Age of Aquarius, the age of man. The quality of this sign is that of the will to serve, to give unstintingly in the service of the group. On a cosmic level, its esoteric ruler is Jupiter and its key words are, “Water of life am I poured forth for thirsty men”.

Aquarius is also concerned with enlightenment and the intuition.

The great scientist Albert Einstein stated in regard to this that, “The intellect had little to do on the road to inner discovery, that there comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, but the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why, all great discoveries are made in this way.”

The Aquarian age is one of mind, not as we know it now, but one of supermind as the great spiritual author Vera Stanley Alder puts it wherein in its later stages the higher consciousness will be the normal mode of life. Of course, this lies still far into the future and I would venture to say only once this age has attained its midpoint about 1,100 years hence. It must also be remembered that this will not apply to all of mankind since many are very slow learners in the school of life. And by the time of the midpoint of this age, there may be many entities who would only then have progressed from a lower form of life such as from the animal.

With the emergence of the Aquarian age, the Christ takes on a powerful and central new meaning as the quality of universal love.

What will also stand clear as the age progresses is the distinction between the Christ and the Master Jesus, or as he is also known, Master Yeshua or the Master Sananda.These are two separate individual souls, the Christ who is the head of the spiritual hierarchy, the great white brotherhood, and the Master Jesus.

The Christ was a fiery soul who long, long ages ago became the first to enter into enlightenment.

He stood in the fiery presence of that mysterious being who is called the ancient of days, Sanat Kumara. He opened a conscious line of communication between that great station of power, love and beauty and struggling humanity. He became a bridge and a compass for struggling mankind. Eons ago, he found the way to hear the great hidden call within each form, to sense the pull of the great cosmic heart.

Throughout the ages, his intention was to enter into closer communication with the mind behind the entire phenomenal universe. He passed through all human suffering and experienced the dark clouds of human ignorance as they broke their thunder on his body and heart but never did he give up as he travelled the path, life after life. The great flower of compassion flourished in his heart eventually embracing the whole planet. He shone as a torch of fire and because of his ages-long service and unceasing sacrifices he became the senior member of the spiritual hierarchy to guide humanity from darkness to light.

Age after age, he reappeared among men opening the way, expressing the same truths and beauty, the teacher alike of all angels and all men.

To fix the image of the Christ more firmly in the mind it would help to dwell on the historical image or the past expressions of the Christ.

He was and still is known by the Eastern sages as the Bodhisattva or Matreya or the Imam Madhi. He came as Krishna and gave to the world the most wonderful teachings of the Gita.

Way, way back, he manifested through Moses, Zoroaster, King Solomon, David, and through the priest kings of the Aztecs, the Incas, Osiris and Hermes.

What a grand and awesome path he has trodden. The finite mind can only stand in awe at such a vast love and such a universal compassion, and yet as the historical Christ let us never forget that he has lived and suffered as a man and strove to surpass all human limitation.

As the cosmic Christ he is the link between matter and spirit and the redemptive energy which leads the life sleeping in matter ever onward to the higher consciousness, the awakening of the high spirit self.

His second coming or his reappearance is eagerly awaited by countless numbers but this will not manifest until such time as humanity has achieved some degree of unity, of brotherhood, of freedom from war, violence, cruelty, hatred and oppression.

Also of huge importance is that no one religion, faith or sect, no one people or nation can claim him as their own.

It must be recognised that the Christ comes for all of humanity. And that’s as it should be since oneness, or at least a large degree of oneness, must be manifest amongst men. He will not reappear as long as war, hatred and crime blight the world. Men and women throughout the nations must earn the right to call for his reappearance.

Robert Gresak

Robert Gresak writes articles of a spiritual nature as a form of service to help and uplift others. He is an ardent nature lover and much admires the wild birds including golden weavers that visit his garden every day. He lives in Durban, South Africa.