04.03.2021 Astrology

Grounding Pisces

Vesta, the goddess of hearth and home, brings solidity to a psychically fluid month, says Daniel Sowelu

The planet Neptune, who rules the sign of Pisces, has been travelling in that sign since 2012. Subsequently, around March every year as the Sun transits Pisces, the two will come together, during which time proceedings can get rather nebulous, magical, turbulent, mystical, confusing and very creative.

Representing the central individuality of our ego structures, the Sun, in joining Neptune, often goes a bit wobbly. Previously solid boundaries become not so solid and people become that much more sensitive and prone to vague stirrings of “divine discontent”, sometimes charging off on ideas that can be either inspired or delusional.

Obviously, this not such a good time for making major life decisions!

So once again this month the Sun is close to Neptune, building to an exact line up on the 11th. However, what is different is that the Vesta asteroid sits between the two of them. She is the traditional goddess of the hearth, the sacred central fireplace in ancient homes and the central sacred fire within each of us, both of which demand protection and careful tending. She is also the archetypal priestess, whose role is to bring the sacred into the daily lives of a community.

Inside each of us she is a grounding influence, an earth based priestess who has the capacity to contain and concentrate energy so that it can be directed quietly and yet powerfully into the world.

In Pisces then, she supports the grounding of vision, the embodiment of the sacred and the effective manifestation of our creativity and spirituality.

Her presence means that we can be less thrown off balance by the psychic fluctuations of this time, (which includes Mercury going retrograde back into Pisces for most of the month!) while being able to make the best of the mystical and creative offerings of Neptune, giving form to our spirituality in the world.

Vesta’s ability to ground goes hand-in-hand with the sextile from Neptune to the equally earthy Saturn in Capricorn and an exact sextile between the Sun and Mars in Taurus.

It appears that alongside the psychospiritual fluidity of the month we are also going to be able to get stuff done!

The Sun also sextiles the Moon in Capricorn, a positive conjoining of the core masculine and feminine for the month. The Capricorn Moon is not so much in her traditional form though, as like last month, she is conjunct Persephone and Medusa. This conjunction brings enormous depth, emotional challenges, transformative power and potentially volcanic energies to the psychic-emotional realms this month.

Another expression of continuing volatility is the radical conjunction of Uranus with the Kali asteroid in late Aries/early Taurus. As I mentioned last month, this is a combination that can activate old anger or rage for releasing, radicalise our need to express our individuality and dramatically break through old inhibitions and conditioning. There is potential here to produce some extraordinarily liberating spiritual and/or tantric experiences.

This dynamic vortex is also part of a massive grand cross that engages the Nodes of the Moon with some serious long-term implications!

The base of the grand cross is an exquisitely beautiful conjunction of Venus and Psyche in Capricorn on the South Node. Together, these two goddesses heighten our capacity for deep and often unconditional soul connected relationship.

However, anything on the South Node has a mixed bag of positive and challenging karmas, in this case activating past life connections that need either completion or consummation. Whether this possibility turns up in human form or not, we can expect to be revisiting previous relationships in our dreams and inner processes and, in either case, great heart openings are available.

From this collection around the South Node extend intense squares to the Uranus/Kali conjunction, in opposition to an equally potent conjunction of Lilith and Pallas Athena in Libra. So whatever surfaces around our relationship evolution at this time will immediately come under the blowtorch of three of the great feminist spiritual warriors of truth and equality, the voltage of each player being increased dramatically by the presence of Uranus.

This combination is so potent that there is a high probability of breaking up some very old relationship karmas. Such processes could get quite ugly or equally provide for greater individual freedom in relationships and greater freedom within our own hearts to love fully and deeply.

Whenever Venus and Psyche come together it can activate conversations around soul mates and twin flames.

Some of the literature around these possibilities though is so lightweight and “New Agey” that it lacks psychospiritual realism. What is often not mentioned is that if you come even close to a relationship of deeper soul connection, it’s going to throw you into the blender of agony and ecstasy. You’ll be confronted with your shadows and impurities, while ecstatically tearing your heart open!

There is nothing like having even one of these fierce, dark goddesses cut through our denials, anaesthetisations and unconsciousness in support of the creation of clear insight, good boundaries and better integration between upper and lower charkas – all of which positively feeds into our relationship evolution. So, this is one of those times!

Simultaneously, this intense opposition that bisects the grand cross also sends squares to the North Node of the Moon, that mysterious point that offers us visions and clues about some of our core soul purposes. In Cancer, this offers a potential future of greater emotional connection with intimate others, more internal emotional fluidity and becoming better stewards for the natural world and all living creatures.

Whatever transformation, purification and healing comes from the grand cross, aided and abetted by Pluto and Saturn now within 3° of each other, it helps prepare the ground for this potential future.

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.