02.06.2021 Astrology

Feminine Eco-Warriors

Dark goddesses, all sacred activists, are to the fore this month of continuing intensity, says Daniel Sowelu

Fortunately, and unfortunately, this month continues the contradictory themes of deeper movement on the earthy levels with chaotic and expansive dynamics around air and water. In other words, there doesn’t appear to be any let up in intensity coupled with unpredictability.

The Pluto/Saturn/South Node/Persephone conjunction that represents the huge shifts in core inner and outer structures remains very tight and even though they are all retrograding in unison – when they traditionally go quieter – the tectonic movements they represent continue. It’s a bit like a spasmodically erupting volcano going into pause mode – you know the lava is still moving and could erupt at any time.

In terms of the internal psychospiritual transformation available to all of us, this is good news around unravelling old obstacles and blockages. At the same time, it makes way for more powerful versions of ourselves to surface with increasing wisdom and knowledge.

(On a geopolitical level, given the current players and international wrestling matches, you don’t need to be an astrologer to know that this is also a particularly dangerous period!)

The Sun in Gemini adds its quick wit and sharp intellect to this broader picture but with an interesting twist. The quicksilver Twins can often appear superficial, unstable and lacking earthy depth. However, the Sun is conjunct the Kali asteroid, that fierce warrior expression of the Great Mother, who sharpens the demand to get to the truth of things so that authentic change can be initiated. Her presence ensures that we can’t escape into the upper realms of the intellect to avoid necessary challenges on emotional, personal or collective levels.

All the dark goddesses make great sacred activists in the world and there is a distinct eco-warrior quality to this month, with the earth mother goddess Ceres or Demeter directly overhead in the Australian chart.

In Sagittarius, a great spiritual warrior in his own right, this goddess is directly opposite the Sun and Kali, putting our care for the environment both nationally and internationally firmly front and centre.

This feminine warrior theme is repeated with the Sun and Kali trining an exact conjunction of Lilith and Pallas Athena in Libra. This four way combination supports supremely focused uses of the intellect to surgically direct creative, intellectual and spiritual power into any areas where we want to make change or have a greater impact. It highlights our ability to direct Shakti or sacred power using focused thought, communication and intention.

This includes piercing into deeper layers of our wounding to initiate healing processes, as the Sun simultaneously sextiles Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries.

Attending more deeply to our own personal wounds makes us more effective as activists in service of the world, humanity or environment.

Once again, there is a specific focus on the healing of old anger and rage, as even though the Sun has great aspects to Chiron and the Pallas/Lilith conjunction, the masculine warrior Mars has squares to the same from Taurus. At its worst, the potential for deep healing and focused action can easily be sabotaged by unhealed and unreleased forms of anger, whether from masculine or feminine sources.

Unworked, Mars can show up as wounded and wounding masculine energy, while Lilith can be a carrier of generational sources of rage towards the masculine. And yet the same energies when actively nurtured therapeutically and spiritually can have the effect of healing both and thereby releasing their creative, courageous and can do energies.

With all this talk of focused thought and piercing action, there is another great paradox to this month. The planet Mercury, who rules the actions of the mind and the sign of Gemini, is in Gemini, simultaneously opposite to Jupiter in Sagittarius and yet squaring Neptune in Pisces. This is a combination that can do the opposite to our thinking and communication, by diffusing our attention or scattering our effectiveness with too many options or psychic distractions.

I would imagine then that our attention spans are going to vary wildly during the course of this month; at times we can be highly focused, while at others less so. This then will demand a degree of flexibility and realistic expectations of what we can or cannot do at any particular moment. The best way of dealing with this fluctuation is to make maximum use of the clear focused periods and, when the Jupiter and Neptune factor kicks in, take time out to meditate, dream, create or walk in nature.

In our relationships this is an incredibly significant month with big challenges and equally juicy possibilities.

The traditional goddess of marriage Juno is conjunct the North node of the Moon, highlighting new visions in the collective for quality, committed relationship. On the North Node, this also means that she is opposite the Pluto/Saturn/Persephone conjunction. This situation describes the necessary dredging out of old, inhibiting relationship dynamics and conditioning from the past, whether in this lifetime or others, whether in our parents’ marriage or in our generational influences. Or all of the above!

However unpleasant this can get it is absolutely necessary for the continuing evolution of our relationships.

And there is some marvellous support. Venus is conjunct the healing goddess Hygeia in Taurus, creating a fluid brew of love, heart and sacred sexuality, one sending out positive sextiles to Juno and the North node and deep flowing trines to the Pluto/Saturn/South node/Persephone in Capricorn.

With Neptune in Pisces complementing this by sextiling the South Node collection and trining the Juno/North Node conjunction, there is ample energetic encouragement to release and move away from the limitations of the past. We are guided towards a different vision that speaks of relationships that are evolutionary, healing and more spiritually and emotionally connected.

Yoh to that!

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