31.10.2020 Consciousness

Experience true Bali spirit

The BaliSpirit Festival continues to support change and transformation – for attendees, communities and Bali itself

BaliSpirit Festival is one of South East Asia’s biggest and longest annual yoga, dance and music festivals. The goal of the BaliSpirit Festival is to awaken and nourish each individual’s potential for positive change within, leading to a greater positive change in our homes, in our communities and around the world.

BaliSpirit Festival is a nonprofit event and operates three year-round outreach programs: AYO! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS (HIV & AIDS awareness and education program for schools in Indonesia) Bali Conference (A music and arts education and community program) and Bali ReGreen (A bamboo reforestation program in impoverished areas in Bali).

The next BaliSpirit Festival will be the 11 edition and will take place in Ubud, Bali from April 2-8 2018. There is a new format for 2018:six days of full programming including yoga, dance, meditation and breathwork workshops and seven nights of night music concerts, all taking place at Bhanuswari Resort, Ubud.

Why travel to Ubud, Bali for yoga?

Bali and particularly Ubud is one of the leading destinations for yoga, healing, and wellness. Yogis flock to Ubud, Bali’s cultural hub to immerse themselves into the plethora of yoga and healing centers, temples, the spirituality and rich culture of the Balinese, healthy vegetarian and vegan restaurants and breathtaking scenery. Ubud is a small but busy town that provides plenty to see and do, as well as a tranquil environment for reflection, spiritual realisation and for travelers to take their yoga practice to the next level.

The BaliSpirit Festival experience

What makes BaliSpirit Festival unique is the diverse West meets East cultural fusion across the festival programming and venue. Attendees experience Balinese culture, spirituality and mesmerising nature, the perfect setting for them to evolve, connect to each other and be creatively inspired.

The feeling of community and practice of karma yoga and giving back is strongly felt at the festival. Over USD $100,000 has been raised by BaliSpirit Festival for its annual outreach programs and partner charities which include environmental conservation, multicultural and performing arts education, and HIV & AIDS awareness. The scenery and overall environment of Bali make it a perfect destination for attendees to deepen their understanding and transform their yoga practice and way of living, whilst knowing their actions are making a difference in giving back to Bali and Balinese communities.

Over the last 10 years, BaliSpirit Festival has continued to grow and now attracts approximately 7000 people from over 50 different countries each year to Ubud, Bali. Past BaliSpirit Festival attendees have described their experience as ‘life-changing’, ‘uplifting’ and ‘inspirational’. BaliSpirit Festival provides transformational and spiritually enhancing experiences for attendees, year after year.

BaliSpirit Festival format

There are over 200 workshops in yoga, healing, personal development seminars, music, dance throughout the week and a range of different tickets to choose, from one-day Spirit Pass to the all-inclusive weekly Abundance Pass. Yoga styles include Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Acro, Hatha, Power, Children’s Yoga, Laughter Yoga and much more…

Monday, April 2 – The opening party

Tuesday, April 3 through Saturday, April 7: Daytime programming of yoga, meditation, dance, seminars and breathwork workshops between 7 am and 6 pm. Followed by Bhakti night music performances until 10 pm.

Sunday, April 8: Community day (for kids and family) followed by the magical closing ceremony.

Presenters and musicians at BaliSpirit Festival 2018

BaliSpirit Festival attracts a large number of world-class yoga teachers, healers, breathwork and movement facilitators from all over the globe to share their knowledge and practice.

Our music line-up will feature established conscious-festival headliners, authentic world music masters, and up-and-coming underground artists. The final line-up will be released soon, the current line-up for BaliSpirit Festival 2018 can be found here: www.balispiritfestival.com/program/day-time-line-up

Confirmed headliners for BaliSpirit Festival 2018: Dana Trixie Flynn (Laughing Lotus Yoga Founder), Janet Stone, Danny Paradise, Tymi Howard, Duncan Wong, Petros Haffenrichter and more than 50 others!

“The unifying principle is simple: BaliSpirit’s artists are inspired by a higher power and transmit that love through their music. Expect uplifting, inspiring concerts charged with love and positivity” – Rob Weber, BaliSpirit Festival Musical Director


To learn more and book tickets: www.balispiritfestival.com