03.05.2021 Astrology

Expect the unexpected!

Daniel Sowelu predicts a rollercoaster ride but one graced with the earth magic of the Bull

In some ways this is going to be a rock ‘n’ roll month! The normally placid Taurus is being greatly stirred in ways that are both challenging and exciting. The unpredictable and revolutionary Uranus is now fully in the sign and is conjuncting not only the Taurus Sun but also the healing goddess Hygeia in a wild and brilliant tango.

Uranus is very much a voice inside each of us that demands we express our authentic selves, however eccentric and unique our individual flavour might be, irrespective of how that might be seen by more conservative individuals or the world in general. In order to create the space for that kind of expression, he must stir the pot around our conditioning, security issues, internal rigidity and where we have made too many compromises, denying our individual essence.

This is one of the reasons why, at least initially, this is going to be a rather unpredictable month but one with also great advances towards true psychological and individual freedom.

It is also going to be a month of potentially brilliant healing. I wrote last month about the extraordinary healing, tantric and spiritual qualities of the Merlin-like Uranus conjuncting the kundalini goddess of healing Hygeia. This is a meeting of two parts of self that specialise in the awakening and the movement of the sacred power inside each of us.

With these two on the Sun, this potential colours the entire month as well. In the sign of Taurus, it brings this healing dynamic in contact with the element of earth, slowing up the inherent dynamism yet grounding it more deeply in our bodies, in the earth and in our lower chakras. It is simultaneously a profoundly erotic combination, in the highest and deepest expressions of the word, and combines beautifully with the sensual, tactile and loving nature of the Bull.

One of the best early descriptions of Taurus I have come across is that the essence of Taurus is about bringing spirit down to earth and giving it form in the world.

This then is one of those times where this kind of earth magic is highlighted.

Subsequently, body based practices, shamanic work, Shiva Shakti techniques (Shiva after all rides a sacred bull called Nandi!) and ritual earth magic are all especially energised.

It is also highly auspicious that this three-way combination coincides with the ongoing and karmically intense Saturn/South Node/Pluto/Persephone conjunction in Capricorn. It supports the freer movement of energy at a time when there is especially deep transformational movement around the foundations of our inner structures.

And we might even be able to have some fun alongside the more serious work!

Another reason why the month will be initially unstable is that the Moon conjuncts Neptune in the sign of Pisces. This lunar combination simultaneously elevates and exaggerates emotional and psychic fluidity, once again creating significant psychic-emotional flux within ourselves and in the collective. This can be great for spiritual and creative openings but can also overexpose us psychically to the emotional fluctuations in others and the world in general.

It is an important time then to look after our boundaries and protect our psychic sensitivity when feeling vulnerable or anxious.

The Moon Neptune has a mixed batch of aspects to other parts of the chart, including good quality ones to the Nodes of the Moon and the mountainous Pluto and Saturn et al in Capricorn. These help ground the emotional fluidity while making its inherent creativity that much more effective.

There is a generally good square to the benevolent Jupiter, still stationary in Sagittarius, which can also highlight the spiritual giftedness of the Moon/Neptune line-up. However, you do have to be watchful for the big gas giant’s tendency to have us go over the top, like blowing the cork of a champagne bottle! Excesses like this can waste the grace of the situation, or have us overextend ourselves by taking too much on and then crashing from hyper-stretched boundaries!

The trickiest aspect in the chart though is with the Moon and Neptune squaring Mars in Gemini. The warrior god doesn’t do well with Neptune in particular, the ego denying tendencies of the latter tending to frustrate and confuse the focused forward movement that he prefers.

This square similarly creates conflict between the needs of one’s emotional and spiritual sensitivity on one hand, and the passionate, extrovert, desire-led Mars. This is not so much about open conflict but more about confused and mutually sabotaging agendas that can get very messy and, create unhealthy dynamics stemming from unreleased anger and frustration. This is one of those situations where in interpersonal difficulties, sorting out what belongs to who gets even more challenging.

Talking about relationships, Venus is also in an interesting position, travelling through Aries while having the earth priestess Vesta very close on one side, and with a Shiva/Chiron conjunction on the other. In Aries, Venus takes on a more independent stance in her relationships, demanding more freedom and space, something that is affirmed by the presence of Vesta, who helps create or recreate greater individual autonomy. Shiva can have a similar influence, especially if one has been denying their spiritual needs.

This is one of those times when individuals can feel the need to temporarily withdraw from primary connections in order to reconstruct a healthier sense of their own individuality, ideally without harm to those connections. Or go off to some form of retreat or ashram.

Whatever the case, with both Shiva and Chiron next to her, relationship healing and evolution is greatly enhanced, with more opportunities of connecting love, sexuality, spirituality and healing.

Stay flexible and yielding when necessary, while digging into the earthy parts of self in order to create from within!

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.