07.09.2021 Consciousness

Demystifying the World of Spirit

Two renowned mediums to demystify the world of spirit at Conscious Living Expo

Perth’s Conscious Living Expo in November will be host to two world renowned Psychic Mediums: Gail Thackray from the USA and West Australian Ghost Whisperer, Anthony Grzelka.At the Expo they will demonstrate and demystify the phenomenon of communicating with the world of spirit.

Anthony Grzelka stepped into the media’s psychic spotlight over 13 years ago and has rapidly risen to international acclaim earning him the title Australia’s ‘Ghost Whisperer’. Endorsed by America’s James Van Praagh, creator and executive producer of TV’s “Ghost Whisperer”, this father of three is recognised for his unique talent to connect those seeking confirmation that life exists after death, with a down-to-earth, practical and compassionate approach. Anthony has pioneered a method of communication he refers to as ‘Soul Talking’ and his success has led to a request from a team of American doctors specialising in early onset Alzheimer’s to test his technique. Anthony’s work as a Ghost Whisperer has also led to requests from police both here and overseas for his help in assisting with major crimes.

The moment Anthony opens the doors between this world and the next, anything can happen. Without fail the dearly departed will come through, each with a message of love or comfort for a loved one in the audience. Pets too are not shy about coming forward. The revelations given and predictions during his events take audiences on a spellbinding journey towards demystifying the spirit world and vividly demonstrate that spirit can and will communicate with the living!

Gail Thackray was a completely normal businesswoman until she turned 40 when she spontaneously began to hear the voices of people ‘on the other side’. She now travels the world demonstrating her mediumship abilities at events where people report spontaneous healings and experience a powerful connection to spirit. Gail has honed her healing abilities through visiting John of God about whom she has written a book. Gail believes that everyone has the ability to connect with this invisible world of spirit, as well as channel healing energy to heal themselves and others.

On the opening Friday of the Expo, visitors can attend a FREE lunchtime discussion panel on Connecting to the World of Spirit with Keynote speakers Munkhzul Munkhjargal AKA Zulaa, a Mongolian journalist who is a researcher and director of The Institute for the Study of Mongolian Shamanism, Cushla Lovejoy, a Channel for the Divine Mothers, Steven North, composer of Heart Activation Music and Gail Thackray.

During the three-day Expo visitors can explore and experience natural therapies, health and healing products, organic food and nutrition to improve health, happiness and wellbeing.Over 120 exhibitors from around Australia to South East Asia are represented, together with leading Western Australian businesses, practitioners and psychic readers showcasing their products and services.

November 4-6 Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre www.consciouslivingexpo.com.au