01.12.2020 Astrology

Contradictions galore

With abundant light-filled energies this month we have to expect some shadows too, says Daniel Sowelu

December is going to be both a wild and a slippery month! There is a tremendous amount of essentially good energy but the way it expresses itself will fluctuate greatly and be highly unpredictable.

We start the month on the Moon’s last quarter, with the Sagittarius Sun and a Virgo Moon in a particularly tricky T-square with a conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces. Note that each these three points is in a mutable signs, one that shifts and changes with relative ease.

Our starting point is fantastic though, with the Sagittarius Sun conjuncting the benevolent Jupiter, a radiant combination of solar light, an expressive fire sign and its expansive ruler. There is clearly no lack of energy here. In fact, one of the challenges is how to stay grounded and not waste an exceptional abundance of positive motion and movement.

Generally speaking, the Sun/Jupiter brings out the very best of the solar masculine, enhancing our belief in ourselves and in a benevolent universe that is full of grace and possibility. This combination heightens our love of learning and exploring, reaching beyond the horizons, whether outwardly or inwardly, opening the visionary parts of ourselves and encouraging us to act on our personal visions with great optimism and passion.

As they say in the classics though, with so much light, there can also be considerable shadow.

Some of the shadow expressions of Sun/Jupiter energy are intellectual and spiritual arrogance, (paradoxically dogmatic!) excess ego and exaggerated, often unrealistic, expectations, whether of self or of outer possibilities. (All the leading Nazis for instance had strong Jupiters and the origins of World War I stemmed from the egos of both leaders and nations!)

So, while the Sun/Jupiter is essentially a great aspect, we do need to be aware of the shadow masculine, as the T-square to the Mars/Neptune conjunction is both psychically and psychologically tricky.

This time last year the Sun was also squaring Neptune and the analogy I used was of a proud centaur in full flight, galloping full pelt unexpectedly into a swamp and then flailing about. The elemental parallel of this is great fire energy hitting psychically swampy water energy.

The difference this year is the presence of Mars.

Here is the egocentric masculine warrior, already in the highly sensitive territory of Pisces, joining a mystical energy intent on dissolving ego structures. All his drive, clarity, persistence, anger and sexuality goes skewed and weird, all of which leaks out into the collective, partially undermining the essential positivity of the Jupiter/Sun. It’s from here that we’ll get some of the fluctuations.

Paralleling the above though, Jupiter has a fabulous support team. Primarily this is from the powerful feminine, in the form of good aspects to a Lilith/Pallas Athena conjunction in Libra, to the Black Moon in Aquarius and to the wild Kali asteroid in Aries.

This is where the elevated masculine positively energises and, in turn, is energised by four seriously potent spiritual warrior goddesses.

These harmonising song lines can enable us to do great things in both our inner evolutionary and healing processes and our capacity to translate spiritual empowerment and vision into manifestation in the world. This is an awesome combination of grace and power that can be used brilliantly, if we can avoid the ego traps of excess Jupiter and the Mars/Neptune fogginess.

Another expression of the contradictory nature of the month is that the same Mars/Neptune has great aspects to the wise, grounding energies of Saturn in Capricorn. This supports a process of joining healthy warrior energy with the sensitivity of Neptune that allows for more accurate intuitive reading of situations and people. My favourite analogy here is the blood and guts Viking raider slowly transforming into a martial arts mystic!

The planet of the mind, Mercury, also in Sagittarius, is getting a healthy dose of Jupiter energy as well as from the deep sacred feminine. He is in a multiple conjunction with Jupiter, Medusa and Persephone, the last two goddesses having been very prominent during November. This is another great combination for getting more conscious and aware of the workings of the badly misunderstood dark goddesses, in our own psyches as well is in the outer world.

Those of you either bothered or seriously harassed by last month’s Venus retrograde will be glad to know that the goddess of love is now moving forward in late Libra and stepping back into Scorpio on the third of the month. While there are still challenges with her, with an opposition to the freedom loving Uranus and a square to the virginal priestess Vesta, the period of relationship review heralded by the retrograde motion is now essentially over.

Despite these initial hurdles, we can now move more freely into the next phase of our relationship lives, with the knowledge that we have worked through some considerable challenges, past life influences and energetic purifications on the way to beginning new cycles of love and intimacy.

And we will get some good reflections about how successfully we have journeyed these reviews when Venus lines up directly opposite the ongoing conjunction of Juno, the traditional Greco-Roman goddess of marriage, with Parvati, the Hindu goddess of the sacred marriage, at Christmas time.

May this combination contribute to a deepening experience of love and harmony, as we complete what has been another very strong year for most of us.

With love and blessings

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.