01.09.2021 Holistic Health

Colour for balance and harmony

Using colour in a positive way can help us create harmony and realise our dreams, as Elizabeth Geyson shares in this excerpt from her book The UNSAID A Path to Psychic Awareness

Start sending light and colour energy out into the world. When someone approaches you, just smile at them – nothing too intense! You can say (to yourself) “God bless you” before you shake hands. Before you go to a function just visualise many angels there in the room having a wonderful time. You can dress them up in your mind with huge wings all in white laughing with joy. These people will turn up to the event. It’s their higher self that tuned in. They get a feeling that it’ll be a fun night. Try it!

With colour therapy you can do so much. Most people love colour and I only have colours around me that I love. You’ll be drawn to certain colours at certain times. It’s your intuition(your higher self) that knows what you need.

For instance, if you lack energy or someone’s lethargic and needs a boost, us the colour red. Red socks, red underwear, red jewellery, red blankets, red shoes or handbag, even a red candle or red towels and sheets. Red has the fire, the passion appeal. It’s motivating and means action. That’s why Chinese restaurants use it. It stimulates the appetite and also is considered a regal and auspicious colour. It’s the colour of the base chakra that emphasises tribal and family matters like security and values.

Orange is a colour of harmony. Buddhist monks wear orange. It’s calming and makes a social time happy. It’s about balance and creativity. It’s a great harmonising colour if you feel confused or at odds with a situation. It has an inviting quality and is good where people gather for a convivial event. It’s the second chakra.

Yellow is a bright, sunny intellectual colour. It’s ideal in a study room for teenagers or anywhere a “lift” is needed.There are various shades from pastel for a baby’s room to regal gold in sacred spaces. It represents matters of trust, care for oneself and others, self esteem and self respect. It’s associated with the third chakra.

Green represents the heart and issues to do with the heart’s emotional feelings. It represents change and an attitude of removing obstacles and persistence. It goes with any colour as leaves on trees and flowers do. It’s an angelic colour as a transparent, pearlescent glowing apple green. Green is a renowned colour for healing. If someone is unwell you can visualise this colour washing through their body. It’s associated with the fourth chakra.

Blue is related to the throat chakra and strongly represents communication and similar associated problems. You can wear a blue scarf or blue gem around your neck. Eat blueberries, wear blue clothing, or be in a blue room to influence communication. It’s good for singers or TV hosts or anyone doing a lot of talking or journalism. If you have to give a talk, wear blue. It attracts good communication and is the colour of the fifth chakra.

In surveys most people prefer blue to any other colour. It’s a peaceful colour and there are many shades to choose.

Blue and pink is a spiritual balanced yin/yang colour. It’s the sixth chakra related to the “third eye” in the middle of your forehead. It has a deeply religious/spiritual and ancient influence and can be used in any spiritual practice or where a sense of deep peace is needed. It emphasises tranquility and relates to your higher self being open to the divine through connection with your god or ascended masters or angels.

Violet is related to the crown chakra at the top of your head. It gives you divine wisdom to be one with all and the universe. It’s the seventh chakra – the higher self of which we aspire to truth and love for all. Its selfless aspect inspires us. It’s a holy colour and is often used where there is great caring and in church services.

All of these chakras relate to the balance of energies of problems that can occur in the body. As we aspire to go higher we will naturally go through issues to do with emotions that a particular chakra represents. It’s all learning and we’re doing it every day in our minds and hearts but most people don’t realise what’s happening and why they might be attracting sickness to their bodies or feeling all sorts of emotions. It’s less confusing if we look at the issues of the chakras objectively and see if we can learn to balance those energies.

A clue could be what colours you love at the moment. What colours are you attracted to right now?

You can make conscious choices and begin to heal certain emotional or body issues. Use a corresponding colour as part of the healing from imbalance to balance. A great book by Caroline Myss called Anatomy of the Spirit explains in great detail the emotional/physical imbalances that the chakras represent and how to rectify them and create harmony in mind, body and spirit.

In tandem with using colour therapy is the importance of choosing your thoughts wisely.

I watch The Secret every few months to inspire me to keep growing. It’s all about the Law of Attraction and how the thoughts that we think create the life we experience. So if you don’t like your life, you’ve got to start saying: “I love my life”. Think of the life you would like to have. Focus on that! What would you like to do? What is your idea of the perfect life?

I guarantee that whatever you say, write, pray or ask for will eventually turn up. In the right divine time. You will end up living it, so you’d better be sure about what you’re asking for – as you will get it!

Elizabeth Geyson

After a 20 year career working with various skincare modalities and running her own businesses Elizabeth Geyson recognised she possessed a natural psychic talent that could be used to help people on many levels. Her journey led her to complete Diplomas in Intuitive Counselling and Counselling. She has recently written The UNSAID: A Path to Psychic Awareness which is available here https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01KUNLMKI/ref=mp_s…