06.08.2021 Yoga

Get Real Yoga

It’s time to question what you really want out of yoga, says Katrina Thomson

10.06.2021 Yoga

Finding Balance

Applying the wisdom of Yin and Yang brings us to wholeness, says Katrina Thomson

01.03.2021 Yoga

Exploring the Yoga Edge

Katrina Thomson shares her own personal understanding of what it means to be ‘real’ in yoga

04.02.2021 Yoga

Find your Yoga

Nowadays, with so many different ways to enjoy yoga Katrina Thomson invites us to explore and question

10.10.2021 Yoga

Yoga for Mental Health

As we mark Mental Health Week, Carola Poblete shares her experiences of the healing powers of yoga

01.01.2021 Yoga

New Beginnings

Journaling is a proven way to realise your dreams as we enter the New Year, says Jen Kaz

04.11.2020 Yoga

Yoga on the Move

Roll over football! Yoga’s catching up.

31.10.2020 Yoga

Addressing Dementia

While our dementia risk increases with age, we can take important steps to avoid this frightening disease, says yoga teacher Jen Kaz

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