Wholefood Sweets Recipes

This is a rich, but not too sweet and delicious chocolate cake. easy to make and too easy to eat.

This is my classic dairy-free custard cream made with almond milk, which is a lighter option for the hotter weather.

Gluten-free/ dairy-free / vegan

Gluten and dairy free

I love this cake – it’s a good example that truly wholesome can simply mean using quality and less refined ingredients. it’s quick to put together and because of the syrup, stays moist.

Cinnamon rolls & dairy/egg free cinnamon rolls recipes

This is a lovely, all purpose mix for gluten free baking.

A universal recipe for making jam.

A yummy but hearty biscuit to keep the wolf from the door until lunch is ready.

Banana is an all around brilliant choice for baking, adding natural sweetness. i’ve baked this as a large tray, which makes it easy for cutting and slicing, but it also makes 1 x 22cm cake or 12 muffin sized cupcakes.

A lovely “ice cream” for those who can’t tolerate a traditional vanilla, cream and whole milk ice cream.

A lovely dessert of sweetness from mango, coconut milk and a small amount of maple syrup.

I grew up on pumpkin pie and love it hot or cold. it’s wonderful and brimming with soul.

This is a very, very old fashioned pudding made from really very little at all, but it rates as one of my very favourite puddings.

An amazingly quick and delicious dessert to put together. simply pour the coconut cream into little ramekins or small glass containers, and top with fruit of choice.

This is my personal prescription for those of you who just want a little something delicious when you sit down after dinner with a cup of tea. they do have some expensive ingredients, but in small amounts, and the recipe makes 32 odd – oh, and they last for ages, and did i say they are really good?

I prefer to use a white spelt flour here, but a white wheat flour is fine. the classic butter, sugar, egg, flour cupcakes – these are delicious and keep exceptionally well. orange or lemon zest would be delicious additions to the batter. makes 9 – 12 cupcakes