Wholefood Main Dishes Recipes

From The Healthy Coconut by Jenni Madison (Rockpool Publishing)

Chicken stock is the original superfood, giving you exceptional and bio available nourishment. this soup is the perfect way to eat those hardier winter greens, especially kale, as the broth softens their sturdy fibre and provides fat-soluble vitamins to ensure their powerful store of minerals…

Kedgeree is a traditional english breakfast taken from colonial india using grain (basmati), spices and that most thrifty of nourishing standbys, salted or smoked fish. this is my version, but it’s infinitely flexible.

Everybody loves a roast chicken and every recipe book will have a version, but often there’s not the time to roast a whole bird, especially with a busy life and hunger pangs. this is equally good pulled out of the oven and packed into the car for a picnic.

You could add delicious flavour to this by cooking some bacon in the pot first, and using the fat rendered from that as the base for the onions and vegetables. dried herbs are used give the flavour you’re after.

A pot – pie is the best of both worlds, with a moist and delicious stew in a baking dish and a covering of pastry.

I like to grill eggplants, and i love the smoky edge it gives to this dish. try to grill them on a medium-hot heat so they have time to cook through.

Can be wheat free if using spelt

The idea came from a delicious salad i had at the frog hollow farm in san francisco some years back.

Any leftover sauce will keep for a week or so in the fridge, and is also delicious with the addition of a finely chopped hard boiled egg and makes a brilliant dip with raw vegetables.

Homemade mayonnaise is one of the most flexible foods to have on hand.

Everyone has a basic chicken dinner, nigella’s praised chicken for example, this is mine. i’ve been making this for years as a faithful standby for a delicious and quick dinner.

Fish remains one of the cheapest and most nourishing foods available.

A complex and hearty vegetarian dish to welcome in autumn. i’ve used wild rice as it’s such a treat, with a deep nutty flavour and rich in b vitamins.

A delicious, quick and easy dinner in midsummer when the corn is abundant. coriander is a great addition to this if available, added at the last minute. because corn has such a tough outer skin, you may like to sieve the soup after blending.

As far as i’m concerned, a house is not a home without pesto. apart from the fact it’s so delicious, it’s a brilliant way to include vitamin and mineral packed leafy greens.

Dairy free/ vegan / gluten free (if wheat free tamari is used):

Made with a simple, but classic dashi stock, this provides a rich source of minerals, amino acids and extra healing power.

Delicious served with mashed potatoes or soft polenta, and some garlicky, buttery greens such as brussel sprouts.

Far sturdier than a frittata, tombola is a great grab and go breakfast. they keep brilliantly, actually firming up a little as they cool. the beauty of the tombola is just about any vegetable can be used

A great source of zinc, lamb makes a deeply nourishing stew for the cooler weather.

These are great hot or cold. when using fresh corn, simply steam before cutting the kernels off. serve with fresh salsa and avocado.

Happy because it’s simple to make, and has a bright flavour.

This is such a delicious way to have fish, and quick to prepare.

Avocado, arame, beetroot, carrot & lentils

A faithful standby for a delicious and quick dinner. gluten free: serves 3-4 adults.

Dairy free and wheat/gluten free (depending on the bread used).

So simple and so delicious, give me this any day over salmon.

A simple, easy salad to showcase excellent product.

One of the best ways to disguise cabbage, and a brilliant base upon which to build a cheap and nourishing meal.

If you have a teenage vegetarian, this is the recipe you should give them to master.

The recipe for this month – it’s to show you it doesn’t take long to cook a good dinner ­ proper fast food

Black turtle beans, pinto or borlotti are all freely interchangeable, and are a great option for many dishes.

Long or short grain brown rice is fine. for more flavour, try parching the rice first. add it to a frypan and roast over a gentle heat for about 5 mins before soaking.

Currently my favourite sauce – great also for stir frys.

This is the kind of pie i would make for my pirate husband, when he returned from the seas, with a handful of freshly caught fish.

Brown and green lentils are not as easy to work with as you think – their extreme astringency needs tempering to provide a full flavoured and satisfying end result.