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The mystic science of building

Pat Patra introduces us to the ancient Vedic science of Vastu Shastra

As both a naturopath and engineer, I always look at different topics holistically, trying to find a scientific rationale for the sometimes mind bending arguments we come across in ancient scientific literature. As I was looking through land and house designs to build my first house, I was becoming more and more confused with the conflicting advice, until I turned to Vastu Shastra.

As sad as it is, the Western world has completely rejected the wisdom of Vastu Shastra, which is an ancient art form / science / technology to build structures we now recognise meet modern scientific principles. Although a small article is nowhere near enough to explain the science, I will attempt to outline its basic principles to give you some food for thought.

Yogis from ancient India understood a lot about life and tried to document as much as possible. Ultimately, the knowledge contained and information written down was so enormous that they had to find a way to classify the content. It was decided to organise this enormous wealth of knowledge into five different branches, each of which would go on to become a science in itself.

The five categories were

1) Music (Sangeet)

2) Astrology (Jyotish vidya )

3) Medicine (Ayurveda)

4) Exercises (Yogas)

5) Art of buildings (Vastu Shastra)

Together they became known as Darshan Shastra or “window to sacred scriptures”.

Vastu Shastra, or the science of buildings is based on one basic principle – to stabilise the Earth’s energy systems to provide the best living conditions for human beings. At the peril of over simplification, Vastu Shastra broadly considers two types of energy systems:

1) Geomagnetic flux that surrounds the Earth (we have all learned about this in our primary science classes and if you are a university science graduate you will know it in more detail) and

2) Solar energy emanating from the sun in small packets of energy called quanta (quantum mechanics deals with this in incredible detail).

In Vastu Shastra, geomagnetic flux is known as Jaivik Urja or organic energy and is a manifestation of Living Being, whereas solar energy is known as Pranik Urja or life energy and is a manifestation of Life. Vastu Shastra gives us a set of rules that will allow us to build a structure that will balance out the magnetic flux (radiation) and solar force field (solar energy) in order to create optimal conditions of living.

Any misalignment of structure will result in a negative confluence of both energy systems, leading to energy nodes in the house that may trap sub atomic particles from space and cause harmful radiation. On the other hand, a proper alignment of the structure will result in a smooth flow of particles and any harmful effects of radiation will be mitigated.

A German scientist Dr Ernst Hartmann has developed something called the Bio-electromagnetic grid. This is a very famous chart and can be easily found on the Internet. It describes how the earth is divided into different zones, depending on the types of magnetic radiation passing through that point. Furthermore, based on this chart, it has been well established that living in certain locations increases your chances of developing cell altering diseases. Vastu Shastra tried to avoid these negative points highlighted in the Bio-electromagnetic grid – the difference is the gurus knew this thousands of years ago.

The scriptures of Vastu Shastra tell us how to control the energy flow in our house by determining the coordinates of the land through astronomy. It then tells us where we should place our house on the property to avoid a negative accumulation of radiation. Once built, the architect then calculates the energy of the house and recommends interior design elements to remove any remaining negative influences. This includes choosing suitable windows, walls, doors, colour schemes and flooring, planting trees at specific locations and even, if possible, rezoning the property. Only when the final energy calculation is positive does building commence.

I hope this has encouraged you to consider the wisdom of this ancient branch of Vedic science.

Pat Patra

Pat Patra has a Diploma in Naturopathy and Degree in Alternative Medicine from the Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine.