01.08.2016 Promotional editorial

The Spiritual Phenomenon

Lisa and Pasquo Cassetta explore a spiritual movement sweeping the world

A spiritual phenomenon is sweeping the world. It is being referred to as The Phenomenon of the Golden Orb or The Golden Orb of Divine Grace. This spiritual phenomenon is here to awaken people to the ultimate light and truth innate within them. It is appearing as an orb of light to people physically and in photographs all around the world as though to announce its presence.More importantly, it is manifesting as a higher intelligence, a force of awakening and personal transformation within the lives of individuals everywhere.

This Phenomenon is bringing about personal transformation by changing the 10 programs that run an individual’s life.The 10 programs are the energetic processes that constitute our perception of life – they are our sub-conscious geography that forms the landscape of our life experience. They manifest as our responses to life situations, choices and opportunities; in short, determine our quality of life at every level. They are imprinted at a sub-conscious level and are very difficult to escape from at a conscious level. This is why we need the help of the higher intelligence to make significant progress on the path of awakening and transformation.

The Phenomenon or Higher Intelligence changes the programs by giving us higher or ‘awakening’ experiences. These higher experiences de-energise existing programs that no longer serve us and forge new ones that do serve us in accordance with our intent for our life. New neuro-biological pathways are created that enable a renewed perception of life. This is not an ideological shift but a perceptual one. We actually perceive and experience life differently.

The higher experiences are triggered by an activation of the higher energy level in the human organism, which in yoga terms is known as the kundalini energy. This high-level latent energy, when activated, gives rise to transcendental experience, which transforms our relationship to ourselves and to every aspect of our everyday life. This is essentially the goal of all spiritual practice. The activation of the kundalini energy is a ‘process’, which is governed by the Phenomenon. It is not something we can drive from our own volition because it is not directed from our lower mind. It is a benediction that has to be given to us by the innate higher intelligence. This is the ‘Gift’ which the Phenomenon has come to give us.

How do we receive this process, this ‘Gift’? There are many avenues that activate this unfoldment of the higher spiritual self. However, because of the urgency of the hour on our planet, the Phenomenon has come at this time with the specific mission to potentise this awakening and transformation.

In our experience one of the highest potencies for transformation available anywhere at present is through an energy centre (vortex) in India through which the Phenomenon is anchored. This point, which is located in Southern India near Chennai, is at the confluence of important powerful earth energy grids. At this point stands a structure known as the Temple of the Supreme Light. This structure is built in accordance with Vaastu (sacred geometry) principles which accentuates the energy vortex. The structure is the centrepiece of Oneness University, a university of consciousness established in the early 1990s. From this anchor point the Phenomenon radiates its energetic influence throughout the world.

To date, people needed to attend the courses at Oneness University in order to experience the process and the resulting personal transformation. However, within the last six months, the processes have begun to be beamed out from The Temple of the Supreme Light across the world in the form of a two-day program known as ‘The Phenomenon and the Gift’. This weekend course is conducted via web-conference by the guides (teachers) of Oneness University.

Since its inception in November 2015, 3,500 people across North America have attended the program. In June of this year, 1200 people gathered for the program in Moscow. Two weeks ago 560 people attended in the Netherlands. Thousands have attended in Asia. The program continues to be rolled out around the world. So far it has been held in Sydney and Gold Coast in Australia and is scheduled for Christchurch, New Zealand on 20 and 21 of August. On the 24 and 25 September it will be conducted in Perth where people in this part of the world who may not have had the opportunity to attend the courses in India, can experience The Phenomenon and this gift of awakening in their home city of Perth.

As we, collective humanity around the globe, awaken, the planet itself awakens not only enriching and evolving human life but easing the planet itself and all its realms of nature from the many perils and challenges faced today. The supreme light and love of the Supreme Intelligence is ready to give us what we want and need and it is only the conditioned human mind that is providing any obstacle or delay to the flowering of the new golden age ready to express itself on our planet. The Phenomenon of the Golden Orb has come not only help us remove the obstacle but to give us the Gift of awakening and transformation which is our Divine birthright. May everyone everywhere be blessed by the Supreme Light.