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Grounding Taurus

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

After the intense and radical energetic of April it's a relief to have a period of relative stability, thanks to the earthing and grounding orientations of Taurus. Of course, it doesn't mean that the big processes have come to a screaming halt. It's simply that we have a better platform to operate from, one that can give form to the realisations and the freedom that comes when we make some radical separations from past patterning.

Once again, though, there is a strong emphasis on relationships and not just because we have a literal expression of the sacred marriage in the form of a conjunction of Jupiter and Juno (see the feature article in this edition) although that is pretty damn good!

There appears to be a great tussle going on between the different astrological faces of our relationship needs and patterning. The month begins with the Sun in Taurus conjunct Eros, a very tactile placement for the god of love and one that adds a bit of extra fizz to the natural sensuality of the Bull. Eros is also conjunct his father Mars in later Taurus. This strengthens the desire nature of both and demands the physical expression of passion, fertility and creativity.

This base of the chart is, however, part of a terse and contradictory grand cross involving Lilith in Scorpio at its peak, the Jupiter/Juno conjunction in Leo opposite Ceres and Hekate conjunct in Aquarius.

Simply put, this represents conflict between the rather egocentric and erotic boys' club in Taurus, the king and queen of a Roman heaven renewing their vows, the fierce sexual and sacred warrior Lilith demanding true equality and who takes issue with flippant and disrespectful male energy, and, finally, a couple of earth goddesses brewing up some magic and wanting freedom from the dramas of the other three. It's quite a psychodrama and would take a full enactment to be able to make some sense of it!

Despite the above, on another level there is a tremendous depth of power here. The Sun/Eros conjunction is also part of a grand sextile with Neptune and Vesta in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn, with Lilith, the Black Moon in Virgo and Hygeia in Cancer - a potent mix of healing, spiritual and transformative Shakti drawn predominantly from the sacred feminine interacting well with the earth masculine base in Taurus.

Even Mars is in a grand trine with Pluto and the Black Moon and has sextiles to Chiron in Pisces. This presents the possibility for unified action in whatever healing, spiritual and physical activities we are involved. The level of physical creativity here is exceptional and fantastic for hands-on manifestation, for getting things done and empowering our desires.

A linchpin between the grand trine and sextile is the asteroid goddess Vesta sitting midway between Chiron and Neptune. These last two are in long-haul processes of re-opening each of us psychically and spiritually to the original sensitivity and creative giftedness of the magical and healing child within, so inherent in the Piscean part of self.

A huge part of this process involves the lancing and dissolving the layers of anaesthetisations and desensitisations most of us developed as children to survive the psychic onslaught of being born into such an unconscious, wounded and disconnected world like ours.

This is a tricky, painful and often nebulous process that requires feeling our feelings more fully. We need to reclaim a much bigger emotional range and take risks in vulnerability, while learning how to carry this exquisite sensitivity in the world without resorting to the old shutdowns.

Having Vesta in the middle of this is a gift of this time. As an embodiment of the priestess archetype, she confers on us a greater ability to earth and stabilise our spiritual and healing work and to set good boundaries so needed in Piscean/Neptune territory, to store and contain energy so that we can direct it well for both inner and outer processes. She is the part of us that knows how to hold sacred power and channel it well.

Her presence is also timely as the Black Moon is opposite Vesta and Chiron from Virgo, while squaring Venus now in Gemini (and so setting up a T-square between the three points). This is like dropping both the dark and the golden form of Kali into this delicate territory in Pisces and onto our relationship experiences at this time.

Her dark form will rip into our denial and attachments, intensify and radicalise our psycho-spiritual healing processes and seek to liberate us from the emotional prisons we've created around ourselves. Her golden form will pour the deepest love and compassion into us, offering protection and safety as we go deeper, while soaking up the deepest toxins for transmutation.

As the gentle yet powerful priestess, Vesta joins with this golden form to hold the space, mediate between the primal and the delicate emotional layers and present the possibility of whole body, all chakra experiences of healing and release.

Getting back to the Taurus foundation for the month, the Bull is also the sacred vehicle for Shiva. This represents both the evolution of raw masculine power and aggression into the sacred fertilising power that can carry him to his Shakti, his goddess.

In this month celebrating the sacred marriage, we are further visited by the forces of transformation and of grace.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 34th year of private practice.


Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.