02.11.2018 Astrology

Freedom beckons

As Jupiter enters the spacious realm of Sagittarius, we can

anticipate some reinvigorating freedom, says Daniel Sowelu

Even by Scorpio standards this is going to be an intense, somewhat chaotic and high-energy month, a mixture of light and dark, passion and freedom.

The Scorpio Sun, who has spent the last week of October conjuncting the retrograde Venus, enters the month travelling with Medusa and squaring the Black Moon, two very challenging dark goddesses. There seems to be no end of challenges from the fierce faces of the deep feminine towards the masculine!

And while the Black Moon demands further purification from all of us, the presence of the untameable Medusa turns on further psychological and spiritual intensity, escalates the battle with the toxic and rigid masculine and rallies the voices of political and spiritual feminism.

Underneath her enraged mask though, Medusa is a goddess of great beauty, love and tantric potency, mixed in with her fiery protective warrior energy. She brings her own quality of transformative power to the Scorpio Sun and during this month this power is balanced out with that of great psychic sensitivity and vulnerability, with trines from both to Neptune in Pisces.

In this climate, it is possible to wield the energy of the spiritual warriors with penetrating clarity and great love, depending of course on the quality of our intentions and the degree of our integrity.

The Sun Medusa combination also receives earthing sextiles from Saturn in Capricorn, who is also in conjunction with the yogi tantric god Shiva. The former grounds the abundant power available, supporting its translation into manifestation, all the way from the mundane to the esoteric. Having Shiva on hand similarly allows for great focus, bringing more exalted expressions of the masculine into play with the deep sacred feminine.

Against the backdrop of this psychospiritual drama, there is also great cause for joy and inspiration, as the expansive Jupiter gifts this month’s chart with multiple and brilliant aspects just as he prepares to leave Scorpio and enter his home territory in Sagittarius on the 9th of the month.

Conjuncting Mercury, he expands all the operations of the mind, lifts the quality of our thinking, opens up new horizons and potentials, and inspires us to stretch beyond the mundane matters of the world. From this place, he sends great aspects to the healing couple Chiron and Hygeia in late Pisces, to Pallas Athena in late Virgo and the Lilith asteroid in early Libra, to both North and South Nodes of the Moon, as well as helpful oppositions to the Juno/Parvati conjunction in Taurus.

To summarise this complexity, Jupiter enhances great healing potential, and focused and piercing expressions of Shakti or spiritual power. He opens both past life gifts and future soul visions, while expanding our longing for greater quality relationships. (For greater elaboration on these individual Jupiter transits, check out my monthly newsletter!)

While in Scorpio, Jupiter’s abundant energy is partially constrained by the emotional depth and intensity of this water sign. In entering Sagittarius, he steps into great spaciousness into which he stretches his joy, inspiration and love of freedom, allowing the Centaur to gallop wildly across the earth and under the stars.

This spirit of freedom will colour the next 12 months, a reinvigoration of our capacity for trust and faith, for belief in a benevolent universe, to leave behind the limitations of the past and stretch into a brighter future.

This passage enlivens our love of knowledge and exploration, for reaching new heights of understanding ourselves and the world, enhancing both formal and informal study, reading and writing. But this is more than just an expression of the mind as Sagittarius is very much about the translation of knowledge into action. The love of teaching and sharing knowledge and inspiration is also heightened.

So, we can all enjoy his largesse and generous heart. However, we should also be watchful for some classical Jupiter shadows, including taking on too much, pursuing too many possibilities simultaneously, scattering energy all over the place and for falling into arrogance, spiritual ego and developing a holier than thou attitude towards others. Generally speaking, we need to be a little cautious about going over the top!

On the first of the month Venus is retrograding from Scorpio back into Libra where she will stay for most of the month, going forward on the 16 at 25°. Even though she has moved away from the squares to Mars and Black Moon that made relationships so intensely challenging last month, she is exactly opposite the freedom loving Uranus as she makes this transition. This creates a tense and sometimes explosive conflict between intimacy and the need for individual space.

Along with this rather unpredictable dynamic, she also receives good quality earthing support from Saturn, which can bring the wisdom and steadying influence of this Wise One within, as we reassess our relationships and love life in general.

While retrograding in Libra, Venus also joins the Earth mother Goddess Ceres or Demeter, another steadying influence and a lovely union between two goddesses of love, beauty, fertility and abundance.

After all the relationship intensity and challenges of the last months, this is welcome support that invites us to rest in the benevolent arms of the great mother, however you see her.

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.