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Energy Galore!

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

It's Leo time and an exceptionally good one it is for both the Lion and for the fire parts of ourselves. The Sun, along with Mercury in Leo, sextiles Jupiter in Gemini and trines the ongoing conjunction of Uranus and Pallas Athena. This is a fantastic, energising mix of fire and air, of action and mind, of passion and awareness, of courage and conviction which will get things moving on more personal levels alongside the bigger pushes of the still tight Uranus/Pluto square.

Gemini has some connections with our lungs and breathing apparatus, and the connections between our breath and our thoughts. Jupiter here breathes very fresh air into all these locations and acts like a bellows on the natural, expressive, already dynamic fire of the Leo Sun. Jove's influence on opening our minds to new ideas, possibilities and horizons blows inspiration on those parts of ourselves that can seize the moment and translate them into courageous action. We can take bigger breaths now!

With the Sun also trining Uranus in Aries, all of the Jupiter influences are exalted and you couldn't ask for a better combination for expressing our own individual uniqueness. Uranus fires up our chakras, encourages risk taking and big intuitive leaps and opens us to very new and exciting ways of seeing the world and life in general.

With Pallas alongside, this warrioress funnels the larger than life Uranian energy into concentrated and piercing expression, bent on taking the gifts of higher knowledge and awareness powerfully into the world through the purer expression of our individuality.

This thought/action linkage is also reinforced by Jupiter trining the other warrior Mars in Libra in the first weeks of the month, as the Sun simultaneously moves into a sextile with the same warrior god, something that stays in place for the rest of the month. This three way combo is an exceptional booster for our confidence levels, our belief in ourselves and our right to claim what we want and need. As long as we don't fall into the Jupiterian trap of overconfidence and arrogance, you can achieve a lot under these circumstances.

This all sounds great but - and it is a big but - for the appearance of Saturn. We can really build up a head of steam in the initial weeks but then we go head-on into a Mars/Saturn conjunction peaking on the 15th, which for some will mean the equivalent of hitting a brick wall. This is a pessimistic interpretation though as a Mars/Saturn serves to add a high degree of discipline and realism to the way we direct our warrior energies, our desires, our drive. Saturn is a counterpoint to the excesses of Jupiter, especially to frothy and exaggerated beliefs in our own abilities and possibilities. While he can appear to be a spoilsport, in truth he calls as to a mature, realistic assessment of what is really possible and, if it's appropriate, actually support its manifestation.

A significant challenge to the Leo Sun is that it is the base of what's been called a Yod, or more ominously the "Finger of God", where a planet accepts inconjuncts from two planets in unrelated signs that are sextile each other. In this situation, the Sun is inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces.

The inconjunct is a difficult aspect because it links signs that are very different. It represents a tendency for one planet to ignore the other's existence even though they are linked, like two people handcuffed together and, though it is a challenging aspect like a square, it doesn't have enough energy of its own to resolve the conflict. It is indeed a weird, no-win, frustrating aspect that is also connected to chronic illnesses, hence its reputation. The only thing we can do with such an aspect is to firstly recognise that a conflict exists and then work towards some form of compromise between the needs and expression of each end.

So the Sun then is receiving two at the same time and if you think of how different Leo is from both Capricorn and Pisces, you get a sense of the challenges. And since one is a powerful and hyper-charged transformer, the other the archetypal healer/guru, you can't just ignore that they are there and calling, without some kind of energetic comeback. In the case of all this fire and air combustion, it would be a little too easy to get carried away with all its positive, expansive and expressive energy. And a little too easy to override the challenges of deep change with Pluto, and of subtler emotional healing of Chiron in Pisces. This can literally set some people up to get sick, so watch it!

Finally, Jupiter is travelling with a very interesting mix of asteroids in the form of the priestess Vesta, the earth mother Ceres and the tantric yogi-lord Shiva. Simply put, this teaches us more about the sacred feminine and masculine, whose mundane expressions include being deeply centred and grounded (yes, even in Gemini!) while being available to greater forms of spiritual power that stems from the deep feminine, the earth and the divine masculine. This is another expression of the Shiva/Shakti unity, one made more available and more conscious by the benevolent and gracious Jupiter and one that is built into the Sun/Jupiter/Uranus energy dynamo.
Enjoy all the available energy; just don't let it run away with you.

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc, Dip Ed)is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 31st year of private practice.

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.