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Echoes of Eclipse

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

Coming so soon after the September 28th eclipse, this month is profoundly charged by the awesome combination of the Sun in Libra conjuncting Mercury, Eros, Juno, the Black Moon and the North Node. Our normal full Moons influence proceedings for the next weeks, whereas eclipses echo for months in the collective, so the reverberations are particularly strong during October.

A multiple conjunction is normally a brief attempt to unify such a collection of archetypes; however an eclipse hypercharges and prolongs the experience. With the North Node in the mix, this stellium also describes a new vision for the future for all of us as individuals and of our relating to others.

As individuals, it's a coming together of playful Eros with a deepening capacity for commitment, of the upper and lower chakras, of our capacity for joy and for depth, and a searing commitment to the truth of things. It is only from the raw truth that any real transformation in our lives is possible.

If this is a composite of the next big collective push for relationships, it would be about the creation of bonds that are based on this same mixture of freedom and commitment, primal and tantric potency, a commitment to truth and to transformation, and of joy, the deepest heart fullness and spiritual freedom.

Our future beckons while in the here and now, anything in the way of this inner and outer vision will be activated for recognition and for healing. We will be pushed!

And, fortunately, there is lots of additional support this month, the most obvious being a Grand Sextile, the most complete of astrological configurations. This forms a Star of David pattern, from a Taurus Moon sextiling Neptune in Pisces and Kali in Cancer, while trining Pluto in Capricorn and a Hygeia/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo and an opposition to the lovely Medusa in Scorpio! Each of these protagonists sextiles its neighbours on both sides and each is part of two intersecting Grand Trines.

In this great unifying pattern, notice the joining of many faces of the feminine with both powerful and exalting expressions of the masculine, the male aspects of Neptune and Pluto and with Jupiter. Notice the presence of the fierce goddesses Medusa and the Kali asteroid with the healing Kundalini goddess Hygeia. There is no lack of Shakti and obvious forms of grace in support of healing, purification and transformation in this decidedly tantric combination - not so different to the qualities of the eclipse conjunction.

So while we are being pushed hard and further along our evolutionary journeys, we are given enormous support.

One of the highlights within this is the conjunction of Hygeia and Jupiter in Virgo. This healing goddess specialises in almost miraculous releases of pain and contraction. She is a part of self capable of the purification of the deepest toxicity and rage and is directly associated with Lalita, the Hindu goddess of sacred sexuality. The conjunction with Jupiter, which will continue through to December, expands her capacities even more. So we can expect some liberating experiences, especially if we can take the risk to let go in the right healing places, whether sessions or groups.

The same applies to our spiritual life, as the Hygeia/Jupiter conjunction is also opposite Neptune in Pisces. This supports not just letting go but also dropping more deeply into the kind of spaces offered by meditation and other healing and spiritual practices that take us beneath the mind. And while this can take us into transcendent spaces, Hygeia's presence ensures we don't disassociate from the body and the emotions at the same time.

On the relationship and sexuality front, alongside the long term vision of the eclipse, Venus and Mars continue their dance in late Leo and early Virgo. Mars, in fact, is already conjunct Hygeia offering great healing for masculine warrior energies. This allows the release of anger and rage and refining Mars energy so that he can relate with more clarity and awareness to both Venus and the Shakti of Hygeia/Lalita.

Venus enters Virgo in the second week of the month to also join Hygeia and then Jupiter, another very juicy line up for heart and sexual healing, for tantric exploration and for being able to open our hearts to greater intimacy. This one also invokes the image of the sacred prostitute, the dakinis whose roles included awakening others to the connection between their sexuality and spirituality.

All this is quite wonderful; however there is a but, in the form of squares from Saturn, now fully in Sagittarius, to the Mars/Hygeia/Jupiter conjunction. On the surface this feels totally unfair; all these great healing possibilities potentially sabotaged by a dream-stealing partypooper but, as usual with Saturn, his actions have deeper intent with long term and positive implications.

Here he demands that we don't use all this energy, especially the Jupiter/Neptune opposition, to avoid unhealed places that feel too painful or frightening, taking flight into excess or escapist upper chakra activity that leaves the shadow area, particularly sexual shadow areas, untouched. His no-bull approach is absolutely necessary so that we can take responsibility for our shadows and be able to ground and fully embody whatever openings we have the grace to accept.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 34th year of private practice.


Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.