01.07.2015 Astrology

Champagne Moments

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

Befitting the Cancerian part of the year, this will be a very strong month emotionally. At the same time it comes with some brilliant activation of previously asleep parts of our brains, simultaneously stirred by even deeper healing and karmic processes. The month will be quite a brew on multiple levels.

Since May, the Sun has been travelling with both Mars and Eros (continuing to do so till September), a potent action based expression of multi-faceted masculinity, a mixture of pure solar spirit, physical warrior grunt and playful erotic adolescent. Now in Cancer, it brings this very male trio into contact with the emotional, feminine world of the Crab by slowing it down, yet deepening its expression. This puts the masculine in a better position to serve and reinforce our deeper emotional needs and outer projects that are close to our hearts, like renovating the home, planning a family holiday or building a new nest.

Each of the three though is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn during the course of the month, while squaring the karmic Nodes of the Moon and the ferocious Medusa on the North Node in Libra. We can expect challenges between work and home, professional versus personal needs, securing one's home base while empowering oneself in the outer world.

On a psycho-spiritual level, this will turn the heat up on very old issues to do with the relationship between the solar masculine's urge to express itself and the maternal feminine's to protect and keep one's offspring close. I'm reminded of the first stages of the Grail myth, where Parsifal has to leave his mother, and risk her dying from grief, in order to find his masculine identity. Whatever our gender, this represents the necessary separation we must all undergo to claim our individuality beyond our "mother complexes".

The unfortunate truth is that, in a culture where there are so few formal initiation processes to honour this separation (all power to Pathways to Manhood, to Womanhood and similar organisations) and where so many of us suffer from absent fathers, this has less likelihood of happening cleanly. Subsequently, many of us remain psychologically entangled with the maternal feminine without and within or, as with many men, do so with destructive exaggeration of the masculine.

So when this masculine trio is transiting Cancer, opposing Pluto and as if that's not enough, squaring Uranus in Aries, the emotional residues of this earlier challenge will be activated for clearing as a part of a much bigger collective initiation. Eventually this will lead to much clearer expressions of our individual uniqueness after some messy inner processes and outer chaos. With Medusa in the mix, we can also expect issues to do with anger and rage at the opposite sex demanding some attention.

There is a very different pathway of energy with the Sun/Mars/Eros, though, expressed by trines to a conjunction of Neptune and the Shiva asteroid in Pisces. So while old versions of the masculine are getting pummelled by Pluto and Uranus, new subtler versions, ones more available to the sacred feminine and the mystical side of masculinity, are emerging. This is an obvious call to meditation and other spiritual practices to open to the Shiva side of the Shiva/Shakti relationship, to the still central core of our being that hold steady in any great storm and who adores the goddess in all her forms.

On the goddess side of things, Venus starts the month exactly conjunct Jupiter in Leo. This is a highly visible and auspicious line-up between Aphrodite and the god of expansion and grace (a mix not dissimilar to Lakshmi and Ganesh) traditionally brilliant for love, partnerships, parties, sensuality and abundance. Jupiter is still in fingertip touch with his consort Juno and so the three represent a continuation of the sacred marriage theme that peaked in May and will still be in play through to the end of August.

However great this is the three of them head into hard squares with Saturn, who has just retrograded back into Scorpio for three months. The champagne quality of the Venus/Jupiter/Juno hits an energetic brick wall that isn't much fun, in the form of inner and outer obstacles. Some have to do with old conditioning, some with the inner critic and some with real, here and now issues that we haven't been able to see or face up to.

Saturn in Scorpio often relates to the suppression of emotion, particularly those of the darker, less socially acceptable kinds, as well as the fear of our power, sexuality and ability to undergo real change in our lives. This not only locks up much of our psychosexual juice but the suppressed energy creates significant obstacles and self sabotage, especially in the realms of relationships and sexuality.

In typical Saturn-style, though, in his testing of us, he gives us opportunities to identify these inner enemies and shadows on our hearts so that we can take responsibility for them and actively work on the necessary healing and reclaiming of what has been disowned. Then we can really move more fully into the ever deepening of our capacities for love.

Enjoy the champagne moments while consciously attending to the other!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 34th year of private practice.www.sacredlawfirm.com.au

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.