Two Eclipses

Light and dark of two eclipses makes for a magical month
Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This month teeters on the cusp of light and dark, between the realms of conscious awareness and the chthonic realms of the unconscious, primal, mysterious and magical. It is coloured by two eclipses, a partial solar one on the morning of the 2nd and a full lunar eclipse on the early hours of the 16th.

The Sun in Gemini, a bright, dexterous and playful energy of the mind, intellect and nervous system is usually a dynamic, busy, somewhat unstable time of the year, which nevertheless brings much light and entertainment with it.

This month however, the Sun is simultaneously eclipsed by the Moon and drawn powerfully into the worlds of the dark, mysterious feminine. Conjunct Persephone and opposite Lilith, magnified and empowered by this first eclipse, our solar conscious selves are being asked to relate, acknowledge and explore the underworld regions and for a rationalistic energy like Gemini, who is uncomfortable with the more ordinary emotionality of life, this is a major challenge.

So we can expect the normal activities of our minds to be undercut, short-circuited and bewildered periodically by events inner and outer, ones that are also a request, demand and invitation to bring the light of our awareness to aspects of self, and life that are rarely well understood.

The precariousness of this fine line for both Sun and Moon is accentuated by the fact that both are squaring the conjunction of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. While this can bring a fragility and uncertainty to our handles on what's going on, for the brave and committed, this is another massive opportunity for healing and spiritual openings. Both Jupiter and Pluto are sextiling the Neptune/Chiron, a double-teaming that adds even more potency and grace to our healing/spiritual explorations.

For everyone, this is also a time for creating bridges between the mind and emotions, between hemispheres of the brain and for becoming more psychologically astute and aware. Chiron and Persephone are great initiators in this respect, the latter particularly into the mysteries of the Underworld.

And there is no lack of obvious support. While Gemini can be forgiven for feeling a little under siege, there are also great stabilising energies afoot as well. The Sun and the first eclipse trines Saturn in Libra ensuring that, while this is a complex time inwardly, we can still function in the world and, in some areas, actually very well. Saturn confers great discipline and focus, while grounding our efforts and goals.

Also, even though this is mostly Gemini's time, there remains a great deal of Taurus energy in the month's chart, beginning with a multiple conjunction of Mars, Venus, Moon, Mercury and Hekate. This mass of solid, earthy Bull energy, not without its own magic thanks to the Moon and Hekate, is a saving grace and grounding influence when the old rational mind is being rather worked over by great powers from the unconscious. This Taurean influence is heightened and expanded by Jupiter entering the sign on the 5th, having streaked through Aries in the first five months of the year.

The magical side of these processes is best represented by Hekate, an ancient Moon goddess with an awesome and awful reputation as the Queen of the Witches. As one of the Dark Goddesses and one of many that are strong in this month's chart, she can be very destructive in her distorted forms, but is also an aspect of self that carries multiple healing, psychological and spiritual skills in her form of shamaness, medicine woman, midwife, initiator and guide for souls.

As any of these goddesses surface in a chart we can expect visitations from darker residues from the rejected sacred, primal feminine and for portholes opening to these great sources of Shakti or psychospiritual power. With Hekate on the Moon and the eclipses we will get access to both.

The resulting purificatory processes are also reflected this month with a conjunction of the Black Moon with Eros, the former Kali-like figure of the Great Mother, the latter an image of enlivening masculine sexual spirit. These, in turn, are squared by the transformative Pluto. Here's a chance for anybody to work with distorted sexual energy in the psyche, whether from personal, transgenerational or psychic absorption experiences as a child. Each can poison one's relating and yet within this powerful line-up are the seeds of a new union of sacred masculine and feminine.

The second and total eclipse (4.14 a.m. AWST, 6.14 a.m AEST) on the Full Moon of the 16th hints at the process towards achieving this new union as well. While generally the more benign of the two, it also lines up with the Nodes of the Moon, the Sun along with Mercury in Gemini on the South Node, the Moon on the North Node in Sagittarius. The Sun/Mercury/South Node speaks of revisiting past sources and influences on the depth and quality of our thinking, perceptions and communication, from this life and others, while the Moon/North Node describes a possible future more informed by the passionate, emotionally liberated feminine, one less limited by old excesses of the rational intellect, while honouring its rightful place in the scheme of things.

It's going to be an interesting month, especially between the two eclipses! Take care, while watching for the deep magic.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 29th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au