Room for Joy

More space this month for joy and better balance
Once again this month's beginning coincides with another New Moon, this time in Leo, but without the gigantic psychic surges of the recent eclipses. And although this one is not without depth, there is much more open space for a more heartful and joyful experience, with lots of quality forward movement.

The mix around this Sun and Moon is curious and multifaceted, the fierce Medusa at the midpoint between the two, while the Sun is also conjunct Venus and the Psyche asteroid. This combination of deep power and great, almost transcendent, love offers some new beginnings in our inner and outer experience of relationship, based on truth, passion and a mystical openness to being transported by love in all its forms.

Most of us know Medusa as the vengeful Gorgon who turns men to stone, but initially she was a goddess of great beauty, rivalling that of Aphrodite (Venus!), and a divine protectress whose fiery face was to protect the mysteries of the sacred feminine. In her healed form, she is a great ally, feminine warrior and healing sorceress. In this mix around the Sun, she provides these qualities at a time of great heart opening.

Any Sun/Venus contact alone is great for our love life, a harmonising influence on all interactions. But the presence of Psyche takes the whole thing into another dimension, as this exquisitely beautiful and ethereal creature is a higher octave of Venus, creating a bridge between human love and divine love. To be able to open to this possibility, though, we need to feel safe enough to take some leaps in intimacy, something requiring good available protective warriors.

A healed, flexible inner Medusa fits the bill. Unfortunately, in her unhealed form, she can be the opposite, a fear-inducing carrier of ancestral and cultural rage, primarily towards the masculine - an obvious inhibitor to opening to another or to one's own heart. It all depends on her current status within. Either way, she adds her fierce primal potency to proceedings.

The Sun has a number of aspects, mostly good ones, to other points in the chart. They include trines to Uranus and the Black Moon, squares to a Jupiter/Eros conjunction in Taurus, a sextile to Saturn in Libra; even the oppositions to Vesta and Pallas Athena in Aquarius are essentially good.

The Uranus trine is the best of a number of dynamic transits energising the inventive, innovative and liberating energies of the planet, which, in Aries, doubles up the fire component to allow for some magnificent forward movement with increasing freedom from old stagnant patterns. Great for getting things cracking at an exciting pace after the tough Grand Crosses of last month.

There is much to do with relationships in this month's chart on top of the Sun/Venus/Psyche combination, the most erotic of which is the Jupiter/Eros conjunction in the earthy, sensual and fertile territory of Taurus.

Mythologically, some would say that this is a meeting of two naughty boys, one known for his extramarital activities, the other for his playful, mischievous and sometimes cruel games of love. Essentially though, this is an enjoyable, pleasure seeking duo who remind us that our sexuality is a healthy force of nature and not without both joyous and sacred elements.

Eros is more than a winged god of sex. He is the life force at its most earthy, and exalted. He is the son of Mars and so a higher octave of masculine passion and sexual drive, one that seeks to become more human through the union with gorgeous Psyche, his eventual consort. While Eros is being opened up by Jupiter, his father is heading into an explosive grand cross with Uranus, the ongoing Pluto/Shiva conjunction and Juno, the traditional goddess of marriage. For some, this means different versions of great heat arising, eruptions of old anger and other unexpressed tensions around relationships, sometimes major power struggles.

This is one of those transits that traditionally warn us to be careful out there in the world, to avoid any potentially dangerous situations (especially around the 9-13th). But on an inner level it's a powerful time for the transformation of contemporary and ancient forms of rage and for clearing unexpressed emotional energy in general. That Mars simultaneously trines Neptune and Chiron reinforces that there is much grace in support of purifying and empowering its red energies, towards healing and re-sensitising the wounded warrior within. This is a process that will deeply influence how Medusa is operating as well.

Saturn in Libra also continues aiming his blowtorch to our relationship processes and patterns at this time. It's no news to anyone that one of the great collective challenges of this year is about balancing the powerful urge to reclaim a fuller, more creative expression of our individual uniqueness, thanks to Uranus going into Aries. This Uranian Saturnian duality is the source of great tension and periodic disruption in our relating, but one that forces us to get clearer on our own unique inner balance between freedom and responsibility.

One of the best things about August is that both ends of this spectrum receive good, strong aspects from this juicy combination around the Sun in Leo, meaning that there is brilliant support for working at and creating a better balance here, one that can be built into this potent, supportive New Moon.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 29th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au