01.09.2011 Astrology

Powerful Alchemy

Grand Trine and Sun/Venus combination bodes well for affairs of the heart, says Daniel Sowelu

The Sun in Virgo in this month's chart is conjunct the lovely Venus and at the base of a Grand Trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus. What a good start! Sun/Venus combinations have a deserved reputation for bringing love, sensuality, beauty and harmony to proceedings and are particularly good for heart openings and generally for affairs of the heart.

As part of this Grand Trine, it ties our relationships, sexuality and ability to give and receive love to one of the best combinations combining grace and good fortune with the ever-deepening transformational urgings of Pluto. Jupiter adds easier and greater forward motion to the normally slower structural change and purification represented by Pluto. This is brilliant for deepening and enriching those love bonds that are valid in our lives and for allowing us to move on more graciously from those that are not.

The healing connotations are obviously here, reinforced by a separating opposition from the Sun/Venus with Chiron in Pisces, around our hearts as well as our relationship dynamics. In fact, this is a part of a subtler Grand Cross with Eros in Gemini opposing Lilith in Sagittarius providing the crossbeam. The deep but rather contained and disciplined approach of Virgo to relationship and sexuality is being challenged simultaneously by the playful, mischievous sexuality of Eros, in conflict with the fierce feminine warrior Lilith, whose sexuality is also significantly "out there". The tension generated by this age old conflict will nevertheless also be a catalyst for some significant healing, especially around the balancing of healthy autonomy with sexual connectedness and expression.

The Moon in Libra, though, has a much harder time of it, at least initially in the month's chart. Sandwiched between a tightening conjunction between Juno and Saturn and part of T-square involving a Mars/Persephone conjunction in Cancer and the Black Moon in Aries, it's being fairly hammered. The Juno/Saturn conjunction is another that puts our relationships under focus, the Goddess of Marriage meeting the tough love teacher Saturn, a combination that puts committed relationships and the issue of commitment under the spotlight. Saturn specialises in helping us identify what's not working while reinforcing what is real and valid in a bond.

That the Moon has joined them at the start of the month only adds more emotional energy to the process and is one of a number of peaks in the ongoing passage of Saturn through Libra, the sign most oriented to significant one on one relationship. Here, the Saturn process is all about interpersonal boundaries and whether they are too slack or too tight. It's also a time to review how we can retain our essential self against the tide of co-dependency that creeps into most relationships to varying degrees. He can produce separations from old patterns, as well as from stagnant relationships that are costing excessive energy at the expense of our own individual goals and needs.

And in the midst of it all, the Moon will bring up strong feelings around these issues, among them a longing for deeper relationship (Juno), paradoxically set against temporary feelings of aloneness and isolation (Saturn), which can be very depressing for some. This is a powerful alchemy, though, for sorting out the truth of things and any relationship that is still ultimately valid and sustainable will be strengthened and deepened in maturity and a healthier interdependence.

In traditional astrology, a hard Moon/Saturn/Mars combination is a recipe for intense emotional frustration, driven partly by unresolved anger and bitterness from the past, as well as from current failures and disappointments. That Mars is in Cancer and exactly lined up with dark goddess Persephone and squaring another Kali-like figure in the form of the Black Moon, only serves to intensify these challenges and give them greater significance. This activates even more ancient territory that also compounds the Juno/Moon/Saturn processes, bringing up issues to do with rage, power, abuse and the residues from the betrayal of the sacred feminine.

This then is dark territory, whether from ancestral, cultural or past life sources, territory that the civilised, humanistic, idealistic aspects of Libra will tend to steer away from, as would any normal rational human being. But to do so, only brings out the worst in the energies because it repeats the earlier betrayal, a denial of the deep primal, lower chakra, serpentine layers of self and of the deep feminine. It is, however, much closer to the surface within Virgo.

So, emotionally this will be a strong time, where some of these residues, personal and beyond, will be surfacing. A Mars/Saturn square alone often manifests as meeting obstacles, delays and physical frustrations in getting things done on a day to day level, but it's also a setup to brew up this deeper territory. On the deepest levels, this is also a time of working with self sabotage and an opportunity to purify, heal and reclaim the awesome levels of Shakti or underlying spiritual power. And to bring together alienated aspects of the masculine and feminine, Mars and Saturn, with the Moon and the Goddesses.
This is the beauty of having a magnificent Grand Trine happening simultaneously.

At a time when the deep challenges and darker energies are rising also comes the power, the grace and the heart to move them. Just perfect!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 29th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.