Potent Polarities

Dramatic polarisation of masculine and feminine with Sun in Aries and Moon in Pisces
Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This month we meet the warrior/lover relationship in all of its potency and challenges, as part of a much deeper substratum of healing and transformation of two. The chart is unique in its clear and dramatic polarisation of the masculine and feminine, with the Sun in Aries conjunct Jupiter and opposite Saturn, and the Moon conjunct Venus and Ceres in Pisces.

Here we have the warrior and hero archetype enormously expanded by Jupiter in the sign of the Ram, a celebration of masculine potency, assertion and fertility (and a shadow of arrogance, insensitivity, hubris and inflation).

He's not getting his own way though. With an opposition with Saturn and a square to Pluto he's meeting two great powers who will not let him pass unless he pays his dues to the god of necessity and realism, and to the god/dess of death, rebirth and transformation.

No small deal, this struggle alone will cause great stress during the month, with fabulous possibilities at times thwarted by various forms of resistance. This varies from apparent bloody mindedness, to sheer practicality, all the way through to coming from voices of wisdom and truth. There's nothing like a Saturn transit to help sort the truth from the delusional. The trick, though, is how to tell the difference between truth and conditioning, as he has a tendency to deliver both. Very tricky.

On a personal level, the task then is how to hold your inspiration and forward movement, so that when obstacles do come up, as they must, you don't collapse into frustration and failure on one hand, or do the classic Ram thing of keeping on butting or attempting to ride straight over the top. (Da-da-tada, charge!)

As the Sun is caught up in a Jupiter/Saturn opposition it means a challenge for all of us to see and maintain a balance between the forces of expansion and contraction at their peak polarity - while being available to the obvious inspirational qualities of this time, we need to keep tabs on the more sober, grounded and tempering qualities of healthy Saturn energy.

It's a juggle, but it's good practice for being able to move forward in our lives with greater self awareness and self discipline, where long term success is more likely.

The Plutonian challenge comes from a much deeper layer, one that calls for us to descend. The forward thrust of the Sun/Jupiter meets the necessity of deeper change that transcends our individual desires, not necessarily to annihilate them, although Pluto can do that if necessary, but to put our focus on being a part of processes that are much bigger than us. It's also a timely reminder that our lives go better when we surrender to the intelligence that drives these unconscious processes.

The Sun/Jupiter/Pluto combination translates as expansion and transformation of the solar masculine principle, so we have to expect both happening, sometimes in conflict with each other and even if the expansion is down instead of up. As they say, when in deep water, dive!

On the side of the feminine, though, we have equally, but less dramatically, an extraordinary arrangement. The Moon is not only conjunct Venus and Ceres, but also Eros and Chiron, all in Pisces, the latter three all within a degree of each other.

The feminine core of this in the incredibly watery sign of the Fish, colours the month with the emotional tones of great sensitivity, a greater psychic, intuitive and creative availability, and significant emotional flux.

The Moon/Venus in itself is a profoundly loving combination and either in Pisces comes with an almost transcendent and unconditional quality of loving. One can feel both transported and devoured when loved by someone with either of these, as Pisces also opens the gates to the deeper feminine realms and to the darker forces of the unconscious.

So here's the counterpoint to the so obviously masculine solar process, a watery, emotional, mysterious, sensitising energy ruled by the Mothers, Moon and Ceres. (Even Venus has a maternal role here, as the mother of Eros). But the obviously male Chiron and Eros are here as well, with their own demands. Chiron pushes the flame of healing and psychic clarity into what can be very swampy territory, while Eros claims the place of masculine sexuality in the scheme of things.

My first hit seeing this was that this represented not only great healing of old emotional wounds, but also of sexual ones. Part of this is reclaiming the healthy, playful, creative and sexual spirit that is Eros, as well as Venus as lover, out of the devouring aspect of the mother. This is where the sexual issues of our mothers, as well as their unresolved issues to do with the masculine, have invaded and leaked into our psychic space as children while we are trying to establish our own relationship with this force of nature.

This is fertile ground for the healing power of Chiron, familiar territory for one half human, half animal within our psyches. And as always it's not just about lancing our wounds, but also linking our sexuality back to the essence of the Great Mother in all her forms. It helps enormously that all of this line up forms sextiles, great aspects, to the same Pluto who is giving the masculine a tough time of it. However deep and murky some of this territory is, we have the grace of move subterranean mountains here.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 29th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au