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Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

This is going to be a very potent month, spiritually and in terms of the healing journey, with some awesomely positive aspects to the Sun and with a stellium of planets and asteroids in Pisces acting as the base of a full Kite aspect pattern pointing skywards through the sign of Virgo.

The Sun is exactly conjunct the Shiva asteroid which, in turn, is conjunct Pallas Athena, Chiron and Neptune in turn. This combines two great spiritual warriors in Pallas and Shiva, the Wounded Healer and the mystic Neptune with the Sun's urge to express itself through the watery, ultra-creative and spiritual realms of Pisces.

For much of the time, Pisces will express more through its expansive, pervasive receptivity to the oceanic psychic and emotional worlds, especially when joined by its ruler Neptune. This can manifest as the full range between being totally spaced out through to divinely inspired, from being awash in life to being ecstatically connected to the source. With all of this going on, who has the energy, or even the interest, for getting out assertively in the world?

But this is far from being a "normal" time and with Pallas, Shiva and Chiron there is far more going on, in both inner and outer processes. Chiron, in his slow passage through Pisces, is intent on deep healing through the layers of the emotional and soul levels of the Fish and will use day to day experiences to lance old wounds, as well as provide for some great breakthroughs. And this is on his own! Pallas and Shiva add greater "grunt" and piercing intent to the actions of Chiron from both masculine and feminine sources of power.

Most of us know Pallas Athena as the warrior goddess who bought protection, wisdom and culture to the ancient Greeks. But she is also a keeper of more ancient mysteries to do with the sacred feminine and how to express her intelligence in the outer worlds. She is, in fact, a goddess of healing, a kundalini goddess, whose spearhead symbol is a vehicle for directing spiritual power, through the use of thought, word, mantra and visualisation.

The Shiva asteroid is an obscure one among thousands that few astrologers use, but one that I consider to be an extremely important archetype. He acts as a counterpoint and consort to the dark goddesses, as an eastern and possibly more refined version of Pluto, and as the 'co-patron' of tantric traditions and practices.

As a refined version of raw masculine power and aggressions, yet one intricately connected with the divine feminine, he, like Pallas, offers both a deep stillness and greater potency to the healing and spiritual workings of Chiron.

Basically, this multiple conjunction is like spiritual rocket fuel, available to any form of inner work, healing or therapy, for developing skills and techniques in these areas and for expressing it creatively and powerfully in the world, coupled with the abundant sensitivity of Pisces and Neptune.

As if this is not good enough, the whole stellium is also sextile Pluto in Capricorn on one side and the Jupiter/Black Moon conjunction in Taurus on the other. This enhances the twin notions of great power and grace being available, for not just the inner worlds, but for manifestation on physical levels as well.

This would be an auspicious time for launching new creative enterprises, for creating greater synergy between our spiritual and worldly goals, for initiating new intentions and commitments for personal journeys and processes.

The peak of this Kite is an ever-tightening conjunction of Mars, Eros and Psyche in Virgo, which is directly opposite the Sun/Shiva and forming the central pillar of this aspect pattern. The myth of Eros and Psyche is one that describes the development of relationships and the longing for an erotic and spiritual connection with a partner. Mars adds an extra edge of desire to a combination that, at its best, can be positively joyful. But in the sign of Virgo, both elements are toned down and often the erotic energies are redirected into other creative or work oriented goals.

The oppositions between the Virgo and Pisces conjunctions describe a conflict between worldly and romantic goals with the healing and spiritual imperatives of the stellium. Like all oppositions though, it represents a tension that can also be used creatively if you can balance the apparent opposites. The urge to contain and direct energy at the core of Virgo works well with those of Pallas and Shiva, supporting the effective use of healing and spiritual power into the world, not just in terms of inner growth. The Virgo conjunction also gets empowering and gracious energy from Pluto and the Jupiter/Black Moon points in the other earth signs in the form of a grand trine. Fantastic support for getting things done well, that can make a difference and turn things around for the better.

On the relationship front then, there's some strong urges and desire, somewhat contained, usefully so in tantric processes but also good for challenges on the boundaries front. Venus is in Aries initially and in opposition to Saturn for the first week of the month. This puts an uncomfortable squeeze on the relationship/freedom duality but leads towards the planet of love going into the fertile waters of Taurus. In the second week, she will cross Jupiter and the Black Moon, then trine her husband, son and daughter-in-law for the last weeks of the month. That should be a pretty juicy family reunion!

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 30th year of private practice.
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