Fresh Energy

Sun in Aquarius brings fresh energy, spaciousness and clarity
Astrology with Daniel Sowelu

Given the intensity and the opportunities of last month's chart, it's good that the Sun, and others, have entered Aquarius this month, to balance out some of the heavier, more serious issues of the year. Of all the signs, the Waterbearer is the one that is most open to the Uranian/Jupiter potentials of this time. When Aquarius is unencumbered and working well, it brings much oxygen and spaciousness to our energies and thought processes, and in that space we are more open to innovation, inspiration and the clarity of the higher mind.

The Sun begins the month conjunct Ceres and Mars, a curious mix of solar fire, earth mother and warrior energy that nevertheless has great punch to it. The Sun and Mars in Aquarius has a fantastically dynamic, creative masculine quality to it, bringing much that is fresh and energising to what will be a busy month. That the two are joined by Mercury and Eros in its early days furthers this dynamism. There is also a little of Icarus in this mix, with all the dangers of getting too close to the Sun, but Ceres in the mix is a good counterbalance to this tendency.

An embodiment of the Great Mother, traditionally in her earthy forms like Demeter, she confers a steadying, grounding influence to Aquarius' airier tendencies and tones this combination with more emotional awareness. This provides more chances of success in achieving goals that are close to heart and hearth.

At the same time, Ceres in Aquarius invokes the image of the universal Mother, the transcendent one whose concerns apply to every being, sentient or insentient. The mix with the Sun and Mars is equally fabulous for sacred activism, advocacy, human rights, for anything exercising the spiritual warrior in service to the sacred feminine, providing great support for humanitarian and community oriented activities for the benefit for all.

The Sun is also trined by Saturn in Libra, thus adding his discipline, focus and realism to the inspirational surges that will colour the month. This grounding is important as the eventual gathering of Sun, Mercury and Mars meets, or collides, depending on your orientation, with Neptune and Chiron at the very end of Aquarius, around the 19th. The initial clear space enters some significant healing, psychically opening turbulence that will create chaos, major hits to the egos of some and yet great opportunities for release, resensitisation and a deeper claiming of one's spirit and inner healers.

Chiron enters Pisces properly this month where the Wounded Healer will stay until 2019. The whole generation of those of you born in the mid 1960s will be having your Chiron Returns during this time, one of the most significant transits for anyone on the healing, spiritual, consciousness journey. This generation shares wounds to the exquisitely, excruciatingly sensitive parts of self, to the hyper vulnerability of Pisces with all its awesome spiritual gifts and almost unfathomable creative wellsprings.

The karma that drives this position exaggerates the psychic sponge tendencies of Pisces with a pre-existing sensitivity to, and the magnetising of, other people's pain. The depth of this painful, sacred and necessary wounding is such that it shocks most individuals out of their emotional depths into different forms of anaesthetisation that takes various forms in later life, even the use of spiritual practices to subconsciously perpetuate different layers of numbness. The same wounds, though, lead an individual to the healing journey, where some become extraordinary healers around the very same territory. This is especially true of soul-level wounds to one's sensitivity, spirituality and creativity. The Chiron Return, like any major Chiron transit, is a major turning point in this journey.

The themes of radical change, liberation and revolution of our relating and of the notion of marriage continue into this month, with Venus in Sagittarius squaring an ongoing opposition from Juno in Virgo to Jupiter, Uranus and the Black Moon in Pisces. This polarises the issue of commitment and stability with the urge for change, freedom and change, with Venus somewhat jammed in the middle of the tension. What is unusual is that either side of Venus is the Shiva asteroid and the Goddess/Priestess asteroid Vesta, both of whom are connected to what you could call "radical aloneness".

Despite being married to various goddesses, Shiva was often disappearing to meditate in the wilderness, while Vesta was related to the Vestal Virgins and known for the containment and redirection of sexual energy. This would be one way of dealing with the current relationship tensions - to detach from the whole affair.

(This would be a little difficult as Mercury is travelling with Eros in the first half of the month, which can tend to make one preoccupied with thoughts of sex. Not easy when you are trying to meditate!)

Even in these two archetypes though, are much deeper mysteries of sacred sexuality, Shiva as a patron of Tantra and Vesta in her more ancient connections with the Sacred Prostitute. This then is another fruitful possibility for change and transformation, to go deeper into sexuality. Obviously, each pathway will suit different individuals and circumstances. What we do know for sure is that change is demanded, and there is no lack of mystery here.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 28th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au