Energetic Flow

Energy flow from June with third eclipse making for a powerful transformative month
July is going to be another powerful month, tough and challenging, transformative and healing, karmically potent, and gracious. And there is such a strong continuum from June, with its eclipses and nodal action, that its worthwhile re-reading last month's column to see the energetic flow from one to another.

This flow on is most obvious in the partial eclipse on the first day of the month, the third in a six week period, the difference being that this time the Sun and Moon are in Cancer and lighting up a massive configuration of multiple aspects, good and difficult.

And in the fact that at the midnight before, the Moon was still in Gemini, in the dark phase and conjunct the South Node, Venus and Persephone. This is enough to make any karmic astrologer's hair stand on end.

The Sun in Cancer is, in fact, at the base of multiple grand crosses, opposed by Pluto and the Shiva asteroid in Capricorn; squared by Saturn in Libra and squared by Uranus and the Black Moon in Aries! Grand crosses are so tough because each point forms squares or oppositions with every other, an intense grating that can feel like there's no escape.

Fortunately as we'll see, there are also some brilliant aspects to the Sun as well, but it's important to see the threads in the grand cross challenges for, as tough as they might be, they are also driven by darker, more hidden forms of grace.

The Sun opposite Pluto and Shiva represents transformation, experiences that often bring about some kind of psychic death and the annihilation of naivety, ignorance and denial, all a part of the path towards true empowerment. The somewhat Cancerian response of retreating under a rock (or spending the month in bed) won't quite do, as they'll come after you anyhow! Better to front up, recognise the regressive emotional patterns that resist real change and work with them.

Saturn gives a similar message; go for depth, wisdom and the integrity of taking full responsibility of what we create and attract, especially in our dealings with others. In Libra, he and the grand cross put the squeeze on our relationship dynamics, boundaries and resistances. He won't make it easy but there's always a depth of purpose in his workings, one to help us identify our blind spots. In this respect, he, Pluto, Shiva and, as we'll see, the deep Goddesses, all share a commitment to get to the ultimate truth of things, because it is here that real change and healing can take place.

As for the Uranus/Black Moon conjunction, this is a bit like Kali going berserk, or at least wanting to light the fuse on radical, dramatic, liberating change, but held back by fear and control. However scary this thought, there are also deep truths here, an intelligence that wants to bring the world and our individuality into true balance. Whatever radical awakenings this brings, it's often about rejected parts of self demanding to be recognised, accepted and re-incorporated into one's conscious identity, especially the deep and sacred feminine and parts of our essential individuality that have been overly compromised.

On its own, these grand crosses constitute the stuff of nightmares and a ruthless demand that we face our stuff.

But every point is also aspected by brilliant, supportive, "positive" transits. For instance, the Sun and Moon trine the conjunction of Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, while sextiling the great Jupiter in Taurus.This means that Pluto and Shiva also get good aspects from the Chiron/Neptune and Jupiter, tempering the ruthlessness of the Sun/Moon/Pluto opposition. Jupiter simultaneously sextiles the Chiron/Neptune, which, in turn, sextiles the Shiva/Pluto! This is an extraordinary line up.

Positive combinations between Jupiter and Pluto are one of the most positively powerful transits for deep change and transformation - power and grace combined. Chiron combinations with those of Pluto join the same potency and benevolence with the deepest healers in our psyche. If you're going to face and work with deep material and great challenges, you couldn't ask for better support, support which will also be operating across the board this month.

This kind of patterning is repeated across the chart, softening, supporting and giving alternative pathways to the head to head oppositions of the eclipsing grand cross. The general counsel here is keep your energy moving where you can, draw from your already established spiritual and healing practices that nurture and reduce emotional and psychic stress, avoid giving energy to old voices of despair and, if your emotional energy starts getting volcanic, get help to release it safely.

The lovely sextile between Jupiter in Taurus Sun in Cancer also offers its own alternative perspective. In both signs there's more than a little of Pooh Bear underneath their adult personas and I'm reminded of a 1980s minor classic called the Tao of Pooh, where we see that the Bear with No Brain is actually a Taoist master.

Keep it simple, go with the flow, do what you love, don't think too much. Good advice to balance out the intensity of the month. Go for the honey.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 29th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au