01.12.2012 Astrology

Changing Traditions

Make room for voices of change, even new family traditions at Christmas, says Daniel Sowelu

So, we're coming to the last stages of a powerful year and with the Sun, Mercury and North Node in Sagittarius, it's an opportune time to review and re-evaluate the significance of this last 12 months. One of the major drivers of the Centaur is to make sense, to reap the meaning from our experience, as part of weaving a greater understanding of our individual experience within the fabric of the big picture of life itself.

This is particularly significant this year as the Sun crossing the North Node, culminating with a total eclipse on the Full Moon of the 11th, highlights the additional focus of what this year tells us about our future. This Node contains within it the visions of what is possible for us as individual souls and of our civilisation. Anytime it gets activated more of the secrets, more of the pieces of this collective jigsaw puzzle get revealed. If we're listening!

This fully visible eclipse itself is, while powerful, comparatively benign compared to others of the past year. Simply put, the Moon is on the South Node in Gemini, evoking memories and patterns from the past, while the Sun/North Node points towards the future. The transition from Gemini towards Sagittarius is basically saying "Get out of our heads, look up from our screens and everyday busyness, and explore the bigger picture, so that we can act passionately and decisively on the basis of what we know to be true!" And if we don't know what our truth is, what direction to go in, this eclipse is an ideal time for contemplation, meditation and envisioning. The earth will shadow the Moon beginning at midnight, peaking at 1.37 a.m. (AEDST) and lasting three hours.

The challenges of the eclipse, and the Sun in this month's chart, are squares to Mars and Psyche conjunct in Virgo and to Ceres in the opposing sign of Pisces. Mars in Virgo is a great "Let's get the job done well" kind of energy but its earthiness is a test to the exuberance of both Gemini and Sagittarius, slowing them down but offering greater precision. This Mars is also very different as the connection with the exquisite Psyche brings a level of sensitivity not normally found in the warrior god. It presents challenges in balancing out the urge to act decisively, while honouring our more sensitive needs for spiritual connection, intimacy and healthy self love. Ceres in Pisces also reinforces the needs to care for our vulnerability, the child inside us, for those simple, basic emotional forms of nurturing at times of considerable tension and growth spurts, like an eclipse. This is quite a juggle!

The themes of deep change and movement in our relationship dynamics continue into this month, with Venus conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn on one side and a tight Lilith/Hygeia conjunction at the end of Sagittarius on the other. The latter is an awesome combination of feminine power, combining warrior goddess with kundalini healer (one that will join with Pluto in the 3rd week of the month, just as Venus lines up with the Shiva asteroid.)Lovers of tantra can rejoice in these twin Shiva/Shakti line ups! That all of these square the radical Uranus adds both a degree of unpredictability to affairs of the heart and the possibility of liberating breakthroughs.

Venus then is at the centre of a great healing transformative vortex, while sextiling Chiron and Neptune and, to top it off, is one corner of a benevolent Grand Trine with Mars, and Jupiter in Taurus. Opportunities for deep heart and sexual healing abound, as they do for reclaiming individual passion while ejecting distortions to the expressions of the sacred feminine and healthy sexuality. The connections with Neptune and Chiron also support the reclamation of deeper levels of sensitivity, creativity and psychospiritual openness, processes that are simultaneously softening and empowering.

It looks as though Christmas is going to be another strong one. Pluto has been on the Sun on Christmas Day every year since 2008 which I've tended to see as a deepening trend to change the way we celebrate it, ideally towards something that is closer to its emotional and spiritual essence. The planet has so much to do with the power of love to transform, whatever we feel about the story of Christ. Of course, Pluto will also have a field day with family dynamics, with denial, power struggles and family taboos all fair game to his purging urges. Our experience all depends on where we come from within ourselves and with what we are willing to accept.

This year is even more so, as Christmas Day falls on a New Moon, with both Sun and Moon conjunct Pluto and squared by Uranus. The imperative for change then is heightened by the radicalising individualism that the latter represents; time to do it differently, to possibly begin new family traditions. It is fortunately not without good grace, too, as the three trine Jupiter in early Taurus, which happens to go forward motion on that very day. We can still have a very good Christmas; just make room for the voices of change. With love and blessings to all.

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 29th year of private practice. www.sacredlawfirm.com.au

Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.