01.10.2018 Anxiety

The Anxiety Epidemic

The alarming incidence of anxiety is a cry from the heart for a holistic perspective, suggests Frank Vilaasa

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30.01.2018 Meditation

Discover blissful awareness

Feeling good is our true nature and we can find it through regular meditation, says Frank Vilaasa

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29.09.2017 Spirituality

Now and Zen

Counsellor and meditation teacher Frank Vilaasa explores the hankering to find security in an insecure world

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02.07.2017 Spirituality

The Healing Power of Mindfulness

Meditation teacher Frank Vilaasa explores how present moment awareness can bring quiet joy into our lives

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04.04.2017 Anxiety

Finding Freedom from Anxiety

When we let go of fear and place our trust in a benevolent universe, we’re well on the way to freeing ourselves from anxiety, says counsellor Frank Vilaasa

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02.03.2017 Spirituality

Contradictions on the Spiritual Path

Frank Vilaasa finds peace in embracing the paradox of effort versus letting go

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