09.09.2018 Spirituality

Accepting Boundaries

Wholeness comes when we can accept our flaws without labelling them as judgments on us, argues David Zenon

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01.08.2018 Consciousness

The Power of Perception

David Zenon urges us to look beneath the surface to embrace others

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31.05.2018 Relationships

Revenge or Compassion?

In the current social media blitz of sexual accusation, David Zenon urges more compassion and balance

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02.01.2018 Spirituality

Towards the Light

Great sages have understood that life is a mixture of dark and light, the suffering from which we grow, says David Zenon Starlyte

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30.11.2017 Spirituality

The Light that shines from within

David Zenon Starlyte offers a poignant seasonal message that our innate goodness is nurtured through simplicity

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01.06.2017 Spirituality

​Lightness of Being

David Zenon ND explores the Zen Buddhist understanding of signposts towards enlightenment known as kōan.

29.09.2017 Spirituality

A Sacred Path

David Zenon argues it is only when we heed our own inner voice that we can find wholeness

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01.05.2017 Spirituality

Endless Openness

When we let go of the pull of the mind, we open our hearts to the realm of endless possibility, says David Zenon Starlyte

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