Vancouver Sleep Clinic


(Sony); Ambient pop

By ​Phil ​Bennett

Very much a nebulous, ambient folk pop album, Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s debut is one that whispers rather than shouts.

Full of small fonts and curlicued scripts, there are some bold statements made but there’s no need for loud exclamations here.

It’s soft, beautiful and warm, occasionally tossing and turning and, once in a while, rising to an ever so gradual crescendo, bringing you gently up with it to its various spires.

Marked by Tim Bettinson’s slightly mournful, distinctive falsetto and a musical accompaniment that drifts between string laden epics and alchemised electronica, Revival works with a lush canvas.

Lung is a slowly sweeping wave of hazy peaks and toughs that is pure ambient chill, while Empire is a dramatic journey of unexpected twists and turns.

Someone To Stay , though, really is one of the most extraordinarily exquisite songs to come out this year and it alone makes this album worth delving into. With its melodic sheen, heart tugging chord progressions and devastatingly powerful vocal treatment, it is as close as you can get to pure, perfect pop.

Other highlights include the haunting Sleeping World and the closing title track which begins with a shimmering piano motif and slowly slowly builds before drifting quietly off into the horizon, all in all making this album a top notch, intriguing listen indeed.


​Phil ​Bennett

Musician, actor, singer, music reviewer, Phil’s interests cover a lot of bases and this is reflected in the music he writes about. From blues to soul, ambient to electronic, Phil writes about artists he feels are interesting, true to their craft and worthy of your ears.