"Ancient Forward"

(Time To Shine); Roots

By ​Phil ​Bennett

This is West Australian artist Saritah's second full album and it sounds like it was a joyously uplifting experience to make.

The opening Intro sets an atmospheric scene, as exotic flute lines and percussion intertwine, first mysteriously then playfully, as the song segues into Right Way Home and its rock solid bass and drums groove.

A fine beginning to what is a fine album.

Saritah's voice is full of dexterity and emotional delivery, while the backing musicians cook up some savoury musical moments as they cross effortlessly between reggae to soulful dance rhythms. Blessings even finds the band in a bossa nova mood.

The lyrics reveal Saritah to be extremely ecologically aware with her head firmly entrenched in counting the blessings this planet has to offer.

With lines like "Building madly madly higher and higher If we take our blinkers off we might just see where the skies are" (Time Will Come) she proclaims a warning, but she does so with a sense of hope and optimism - a spirit that emerges constantly throughout this album.

And all done to a gloriously danceable beat.

Which is one of Ancient Forward's pleasures - listen carefully to the lyrics and be inspired, or simply sway your body and sing along.

A splendid selection of choice cuts. Enjoy them.

​Phil ​Bennett

Musician, actor, singer, music reviewer, Phil’s interests cover a lot of bases and this is reflected in the music he writes about. From blues to soul, ambient to electronic, Phil writes about artists he feels are interesting, true to their craft and worthy of your ears.