02.03.2021 Astrology

Fire on Water

Astrologer Daniel Sowelu looks beneath the surface in a multilayered month

This is going to be a very multilayered and energetic month, with multiple energies in the rather contradictory signs of Pisces and Aries. The simplest way of looking at this is imagining fire burning on top of water, seemingly very separate but with some rather confusing intertwining happening under the surface.

To begin with, the Pisces Sun is conjunct Mercury and the South Node on one side and Neptune and Lilith on the other, of which Neptune is the closest protagonist. This watery planet, the actual ruler of Pisces, is a sensitising agent for opening up individuals emotionally, psychically and spiritually. The process makes us more internally fluid, open to the non rational realms and more intuitive and creative.

It can also be a destabilising influence by opening us to both the light and shadow of the unconscious, whether personal or collective. One aspect of this tendency is to flush up and out old psychic emotional baggage, which is ultimately a good thingbut in the process can also undermine our effectiveness and clarity in the world.

This opening works both ways. In the case of Mercury and the South Node, it can give us access to past life and ancestral memories, knowledge and skills, coming through as heightened states of intuitive awareness, spontaneous imagery and psychic downloads.

In the case of Lilith, it can bring out the distortions to this fierce warrior goddess of equality. This happens by flushing out ancient forms of rage, trauma, betrayal and vengefulness due to the rejection of the sacred and personal feminine over lifetimes, past generations and in our culture. The long-term repercussions of such flushing though are brilliant, as it brings the fierce desire for justice and truth in healthy combination with inter-psychic sensitivity and intuition.

So while these subterranean processes are going on, we also have a fiercely loving and wild collection in the fire sign of Aries going to town. An Aries Moon conjuncts Venus, a passionately loving combination, while Medusa and Mars conjunct the explosive Uranus, with Medusa acting as the linchpin between these forms of masculine and feminine.

These are not new energetics, as Venus and Mars have been hanging out with Medusa through both recent eclipses. How we handled this period will determine how creative or destructive this combination can be. A distorted and enraged Medusa is a great saboteur of our sexuality and capacity for relationship, while a healed and integrated Medusa is an awesome ally for quality relating by contributing an enormous depth of love and passionate tantric potency.

However, the Gordon joining Uranus and Mars, who alone have an explosive reputation, is a combination of Kali-like volatility that seeks greater freedom of authentic expression, releasing logjams of old anger and rage. In this case, two great warrior energies are combined with the urge for dramatic and liberating change.

Unfortunately this does heighten the likelihood of significant combative trauma on the world stage, reflected by all three squaring Pluto in Capricorn. However, there is stabilising support from trines to Saturn in Sagittarius and the moderating influence of Jupiter and Shiva, still conjunct and opposite in the balancing sign of Libra. Without these, we could be up for major life-threatening trouble.

On a more personal level though, the Medusa/Uranus/Mars conjunction can be used to initiate life enhancing change in the realms of relationship and in the degree of freedom and creativity in our professional lives. Mars in Aries is a particularly courageous and confident energy for acting on what we know is right for ourselves, one grounded by Saturn and balanced with the diplomacy of Jupiter in Libra.

As I mentioned last month, the current astrology reflects a historical opportunity to carve new pathways for union between the deep masculine and feminine, embodied by the conjunction of Saturn, Kali and Hygeia. (A union that was actually experienced by some participants at the eclipse workshop in Katoomba!)

This month these three are still close even with Kali and Hygeia now in early Capricorn and currently applying their fierce healing Shakti to our emotional and relationship development, through sextiles to the South Node and Mercury, squares to the Aries Moon and a conjunction with Juno, the goddess of marriage.

Saturn continues to be in more obviously benevolent form, the sextile to Jupiter still very much in place. Also continuing though is an ongoing square to Chiron in Pisces, putting the hard word on our healing processes especially around our depth of commitment, discipline and focus. In return, Chiron in Pisces reminds us that some of our healing processes are incredibly subtle and involve reclaiming the more sensitive, vulnerable and easily wounded parts of ourselves, independently of some of the more obvious, fiery energies of this time.

This balancing of the subtle and the dramatic is an ongoing challenge – awakening previously asleep parts of ourselves while learning how to take far greater care of those more sensitive and less demanding parts, particularly the child within each of us.

In this respect, Chiron also has a lovely sextile to Hecate in the sign of Taurus. This is a true meeting of the medicine man and medicine woman mixing water and earth in a quieter form of the sacred marriage between two great healing powers.

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Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.