02.06.2021 Eastern Healing

Moxibustion makes a return

Olivier LeJus reports on new hopes for TB treatment based on the ancient herb mugwort

06.03.2021 Eastern Healing

Ayurveda for Thyroid Disorders

Marianne Teitelbaum DC explores the role of Ayurveda in treating thyroid disorders

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16.12.2020 Eastern Healing

Beating the Christmas blues

Olivier LeJus offers his tips for releasing the pressure valve this festive season

(Image by Sarah Vombrack-unsplash)

01.12.2020 Eastern Healing

New life for Tibetan medicine

The Dalai Lama’s great popularity has breathed new life into Tibet’s ancient healing system, as Olivier Lejus explains

02.11.2020 Eastern Healing

Acupuncture in Cancer Treatment

Olivier LeJus explores how acupuncture can support the patient’s wellbeing during often traumatic cancer treatment

01.10.2021 Eastern Healing

The Importance of Sleep

Olivier Lejus begins a two part exploration of the vital role sleep plays in our health

01.09.2021 Eastern Healing

Alternative therapies for stroke recovery

While a stroke is a traumatic life event, some innovative therapies are proving effective, says Olivier LeJus

02.07.2021 Eastern Healing

Modern science backs ‘the Chinese clock’

Nobel Prize winning research supports ancient Chinese awareness of the body clock, says Olivier LeJus

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