02.06.2021 Spirituality

Celtic Women’s Pilgrimage

Experience the Celtic sacred feminine in Ireland with harpist Cath Connelly

There is something utterly life-changing about standing on the cliffs at Dun Aengus on the island of Inishmore, Ireland. With the waves crashing below and birds circling above, for millennia this place has been known as the end of the world, beyond which lies Tir na nOg, land of youth and eternal life. It is entering liminal space, held within time, betwixt and between. It is a glimpse into the enormity and smallness of who I am within a cosmos as big as eternity.

Certainly, this was the collective experience of the ten women who accompanied Alison Powell and myself on our Sacred Ireland pilgrimage last year. We began hosting these pilgrimages to Ireland because of our deep-felt desire to provide opportunities for women to be grounded in the Irish landscape as the location in which to undergo profound spiritual transformation.

They say that if you kick a stone in Ireland, you are kicking history, so rich is every part of this landscape full of the stories of her people. I would say that it goes beyond this – that every part of Ireland retains echoes of the mythologies, the sacred feminine, the goddess, the land held sacred forever. This is the landscape on which our pilgrims step.

Sacred wells, megalithic tombs, stone circles, ancient abbeys, landscapes both lush and barren – here we do ritual, here we listen to who we might become, to who we already are. It is pilgrimage, not tourism. Body prayer, sharing circle, retreat days, time alone and together; all these are part of the rich tapestry of truly standing in the mystery of the Celtic sacred feminine. As is laughter, gift shops, great meals, new friends. There is an uplifting energy about being women together discovering the depths of ourselves within this ancient, sacred landscape.

As a Celtic harpist, I have long been connected to Ireland and the music that emanates from this place. It is my delight to play my harp for our pilgrims as they spend expansive time within Grange stone circle, as they walk the labyrinth at Glendalough, as we share the craic in a pub at night. Alison, with her deep understanding of ritual, delights in creating space for Her voice to be heard and for women to be blessed by the sacredness. This is the Ireland we love and know intimately. This is the Ireland that we are passionate about sharing with other women.

There are still some spaces available for this year’s pilgrimage to the mysteries of the Celtic sacred feminine from September 11 to 27, 2019. Transformational Tours has long understood the need to provide opportunities to take pilgrims to sacred sites across the globe. It is a privilege to be invited by Transformational Tours to host this particular venture. All the details are available at



Goddess Eriu. Main image Dun Aengus
Cath Connelly

Cath Connelly is a professional Celtic harper, spiritual director and retreat leader. She is currently studying for her Doctorate by writing A Handbook of Hope: Emerging Stories Beyond a Disintegrating World. Alison Powell is a Celtic spirituality guide and ritual midwife. Both women have travelled extensively throughout Ireland and immerse their spirituality within the sacredness of a Celtic tradition.