04.07.2021 Astrology

Cauldron energies

Both blow-ups and healing are possible in this month of intense eclipse-driven energy, says Daniel Sowelu

July is going to be another exceptionally powerful month, with two eclipses of increasing power straddling the 3rd to the 17th and with an extraordinary focus on the sacred marriage, the union between the sacred masculine and sacred feminine within each of us.

The first, a total solar new moon eclipse, is at 10° of Cancer and forming a wide conjunction with the goddess Parvati on the North Node of the Moon, peaking at 8:57 AM AEST on the 3rd.

The second lunar full moon eclipse is a partial one, traditionally not as powerful but psychologically and spiritually the more potent of the two! This one peaks at 7:31 AM AEST on the 17th. The Cancer Sun and the Capricorn Moon both line up with Parvati and the North and South Node respectively.

Parvati is the goddess of the sacred marriage in Hindu culture, a higher octave of Juno the consort of Zeus/Jupiter with links to Mary Magdalene. She is the ultimate wife of Shiva, the highest expression of the sacred masculine. In her mythology, she is a beautiful maiden who transforms herself through intense spiritual practices to become the great yogini queen who bonds with Shiva as a powerful equal in ecstatic mystical union.

Her asteroid alone on the North Node of the Moon describes a potential vision emerging from the collective, a high quality union between masculine and feminine within oneself and, for some, with another human being. Being highlighted by two potent eclipses adds even more energy to this vision, with all its challenges and opportunities. It activates a profound longing for soul-connected union and puts greater pressure on our current relationship evolution.

With all the popular New-Ageish notions around the sacred marriage, soul mates and twin flames, it’s worth reminding ourselves that getting towards that ultimate goal requires a great deal of deep inner work, some of which is not filled with love and light!

In the Parvati story, she stands on one leg in a cold mountain stream repeating the name of Shiva for weeks, months or years to prepare herself for that union.

This requirement to deal with what is unhealed from our pasts is also embodied in both these eclipses. The multiple gifts of the New Moon eclipse with all its possibilities for new beginnings are significantly dampened by oppositions from the Sun and Moon to the still powerful Saturn/South Node/Persephone conjunction in Capricorn (even without the Pluto factor), while the Capricorn Moon on the second eclipse is conjunct Pluto.

Once again, the universe is offering us tremendous gifts, while simultaneously showing up what we haven’t dealt with!

With Saturn, Pluto and Persephone still hanging around the South Node, there remains a tremendous amount of ancient karmic forces and samscaras (psychic impressions) from the past arising into the present. Saturn alone demands that we attend to these influences, let alone having two deities of transformation working in unison. With Pluto and Persephone there are many issues around the use and abuse of power in our pasts, as well as where we have resisted personal transformation by excessive control and denial. This goddess, in particular, has a reputation for bringing up unhealed losses, sexual wounds and unreleased grief.

Even the symbolism of the South Node mirrors this. Its glyph looks like a cauldron, an alchemical container for brewing up positive and negative karmas to bring impurities to the surface to be released, while setting the stage to reclaim ancient gifts, knowledge and wisdom. Included in this brew will be unresolved relationship issues and masculine and feminine imbalances.

Other parts of the chart reflect the same, with the New Moon eclipse squaring Chiron in Aries while trining the Black Moon in Pisces. Venus meanwhile travels with Kali through Gemini, bringing her no BS approach to our relationships, as well as her glorious tantric potency. These are all configurations that show up blockages while offering pathways for deep cleansing and healing.

Similarly, Juno the traditional goddess of marriage, is conjunct both Mars and Mercury in early Leo, a fiery combination of mind, muscle and matrimony with great aspects to the healing Chiron but hard destabilising ones to Uranus in Taurus.

The unpredictability and potential for both blow-ups and healing are compounded by Mercury retrograding on the 7th for the rest of the month. This could get very messy!

More unqualified support comes from great aspects from both eclipses to the spiritually and psychically lubricating energies of Neptune in Pisces, with the old god (and older goddesses) of the sea continuing to get expansive lifts from Jupiter in Sagittarius. With a gracious Neptune, even when we are being confronted with some of the dark and distorted parts of ourselves, we have that much greater inner fluidity and receptivity to healing energies. Our inner work can flow more easily, even through the tough stuff.

So, fortunately and unfortunately, depending on your orientation, the collective continues to be very intense and psychologically demanding with the outside world still shuddering deeply from unseen forces.

Take good care of yourselves, especially around the 17th, and for those doing the deep spiritual and healing work, take full advantage in the catapulting nature of the eclipses!

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Daniel Sowelu

Daniel Sowelu (BSc Dip Ed) is a therapeutic astrologer, primal therapist and groupleader in his 35th year of private practice.