04.07.2021 Astrology

Cauldron energies

Both blow-ups and healing are possible in this month of intense eclipse-driven energy, says Daniel Sowelu

02.06.2021 Astrology

Feminine Eco-Warriors

Dark goddesses, all sacred activists, are to the fore this month of continuing intensity, says Daniel Sowelu

03.05.2021 Astrology

Expect the unexpected!

Daniel Sowelu predicts a rollercoaster ride but one graced with the earth magic of the Bull

01.04.2021 Astrology

Seize the day

Make the most of the healing opportunities that come your way this month, urges Daniel Sowelu

04.03.2021 Astrology

Grounding Pisces

Vesta, the goddess of hearth and home, brings solidity to a psychically fluid month, says Daniel Sowelu

04.02.2021 Astrology

Strong movements

Daniel Sowelu sees strong forces this month to align with our deeper primal layers

08.01.2021 Astrology

Momentous New Year

Daniel Sowelu sees great promise for 2019

01.12.2020 Astrology

Contradictions galore

With abundant light-filled energies this month we have to expect some shadows too, says Daniel Sowelu

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