NOVA Magazine is Australia’s Holistic Journal. It was launched in Western Australia in March 1994 and 2015 represents our 22nd year as a free monthly holistic journal. In our long history, we have always strived to present well researched, independent articles and columns on all aspects of holistic health and lifestyle combined with our trademark artistic covers and layout. Our regular segments include naturopathy, nutrition, natural medicine, Ayurveda, acupuncture, yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, spirituality, astrology, personal growth, mindfulness and community with articles contributed by a wide range of practitioners who are respected in their fields.

NOVA is available in print format from health food stores, natural therapy clinics, practitioners’ rooms, fresh food markets, independent supermarkets and cinemas, cafes, mind body spirit retailers and many other outlets throughout the Perth metropolitan area, Fremantle, the Hills, Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River and Albany.

In addition, NOVA Magazine appears online at to carry our empowering message of holistic health and lifestyle to readers throughout Australia as well as overseas, including the United States, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, China, India, Brazil, the Netherlands, France and Germany. And as with our hardcopy edition, each monthly online edition is accessible for FREE.

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Our Readers

NOVA Magazine readers are the sort of people who are determined to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. Our readership profile tells us our appeal is very broad and more than 80% of our readers are women in the prime spending group of 25 to 55. While we appeal to a wide cross section of lifestyles and occupations, a large proportion of our readers are well educated, with most professionals, self-employed or working in full time jobs.

We're proud that our readers are leaders in building a better world, on a personal and family level, and in their concern for a cleaner, healthier and more harmonious planet Earth.

Our Advertisers

The loyalty of our advertisers over many years is the heart of our success. Some have even been with us since the very beginning in 1994.

Their loyalty is based on a range of important factors:

HIGH CREDIBILITY - Due to our high editorial standards and reputation for integrity, our readers feel confident about calling you when they see you advertising in NOVA Magazine.

OUR TARGET MARKET - NOVA Magazine is proud to have a dedicated readership determined to "be the change they wish to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi). Our innovative cross-platform, integrated approach to publishing is allowing us to span generations with readers aged 18 to 70 plus. And they're exactly the sort of people you're looking to reach - committed, health conscious, spiritually and environmentally aware, and open to new ideas in natural medicine and holistic lifestyles. Our appeal to educated, thinking readers also gives advertisers access to higher income groups.

SHOPPERS FOR YOUR PRODUCTS - Our research shows us our readers most regularly purchase environmental, health and personal development products. And in the area of services, they respond most often to ads for complementary health practitioners, stress management, health and fitness and personal growth. If you're part of the mind, body, spirit industry, they're exactly the market you're seeking.

READER LOYALTY - A high reader retention rate is an exceptional aspect of our service to our advertisers. 83% of our readers keep each issue for a number of months, using it as a useful reference source and as a directory for products and services. Compare that with the disposability of other daily or weekly publications. We also find many of our readers share their NOVA with friends and family, increasing the potential market for your advertisement.