01.06.2021 Acupuncture

A Japanese Healing Art

Learning from blind masters gives an especially gentle touch to Japanese acupuncture, as Olivier LeJus discovers for himself

01.01.2021 Acupuncture

Diet for Treating Cancer

Oriental treatments for cancer can boost immunity and strengthen energy, says practitioner Oliver LeJus

01.10.2021 Acupuncture

Chinese Medicine for Infertility

TCM is emerging as a popular alternative to costly IVF for couples wanting a baby, says Oriental Medicine practitioner Oliver LeJus

01.09.2021 Acupuncture

Treating Anxiety

Olivier Lejus sees a role for Eastern therapies and counselling in nurturing anxiety sufferers back to health

01.08.2021 Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Male Depression

Olivier LeJus finds that Western medicine is at long last accepting the effectiveness of oriental treatments for depression

01.07.2021 Acupuncture

Treating Thyroid Disorders

Acupuncturist Oliver Lejus discusses how Oriental medicine views thyroid disorders such as Hashimoto disease

01.06.2021 Acupuncture

Cranial Acupuncture

Olivier Lejus explores an Oriental medicine technique for treating stroke and phantom limb pain

01.05.2021 Acupuncture

Paediatric Acupuncture

Young children respond well to the gentler touch of Oriental medicine, says practitioner Olivier Lejus

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