About Nova

NOVA Magazine is Australia’s Holistic Journal. It was launched in Western Australia in March 1994 and 2015 represents our 22nd year as a free monthly holistic journal. In our long history, we have always strived to present well researched, independent articles and columns on all aspects of holistic health and lifestyle combined with our trademark artistic covers and layout. Our regular segments include naturopathy, nutrition, natural medicine, Ayurveda, acupuncture, yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, spirituality, astrology, personal growth, mindfulness and community with articles contributed by a wide range of practitioners who are respected in their fields.

NOVA is available in print format from health food stores, natural therapy clinics, practitioners’ rooms, fresh food markets, independent supermarkets and cinemas, cafes, mind body spirit retailers and many other outlets throughout the Perth metropolitan area, Fremantle, the Hills, Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River and Albany.

In addition, NOVA Magazine appears online at www.novaholisticjournal.com to carry our empowering message of holistic health and lifestyle to readers throughout Australia as well as overseas, including the United States, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, China, India, Brazil, the Netherlands, France and Germany. And as with our hardcopy edition, each monthly online edition is accessible for FREE.

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We assign most articles, but are always happy to receive submissions or discuss ideas for articles. Please note that submissions of an advertorial nature will not be considered. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, please allow 6 weeks for a response. Deadline for submissions is the 1st of the preceding month. PLEASE NOTE that the editor reserves the right to edit all published articles for length and content prior to publication.


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Nova is committed to exploring leading edge ideas, practices and services that help foster a more liveable world.