01.03.2018 Spirituality

Spiritual Archaeology

Archaeologist Lida Barmala shares her own experience of applying spiritual gifts to open windows into ancient cultures

01.03.2018 Holistic Health

Non-drug option for ADHD treatment

European research points to lasting success of non-drug treatment for children with ADHD

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01.03.2018 Astrology

A challenging juggle

The emotional depths of Pisces meeting the fiery energies also present makes for a high-octane month, says Daniel Sowelu

01.03.2018 Nutrition

High protein diet lowers Alzheimer’s risk

In world-first research a diet high in protein has been found to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

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01.03.2018 Eastern Healing

Dietary therapy for hypothyroidism

Oriental medicine practitioner Olivier LeJus continues his look at thyroid disorders

07.02.2018 New Age

Byron Spirit Festival

'We Are The Mandala' is the theme of this year's festival from April 20 – 22 2018

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​Toxic Beauty

Peter Dingle PhD exposes the danger of chemicals that lurk unknown to us in the beauty products we use daily

30.01.2018 Environment

Dragon Dreaming

A model for drawing people together to fully engage with their dreams has led to some inspirational outcomes, as Gillian Saunders shares

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01.06.2017 Eastern Healing

​Grief and the lungs

A recent family tragedy has confirmed for Olivier LeJus the deep connection that exists between our emotions and our health

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02.02.2017 Editorial

February 2017

It’s that time of a year again when we are brought back to reality after, if we’re very lucky, a leisurely and relaxing holiday break.I’m sure I’m not alone in finding it tough getting back into work mode – and I don’t have to worry about those extra pressures of back to school or college. But I remember them well. So when a story comes along headed “Surviving the Reality Check” it seems perfectly timed to be our cover feature...

The brightened NOVA star contains within its light opportunities to find souls to brighten the darkest paths of the downtrodden, and sign posts pointing towards health and higher learning. What better gift could be received than free knowledge offered through NOVA that lights the path of our greatest journey? Karen